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Eurasian Magpie

These gorgeous birds are from the planet of Earth. They are known for their beautiful white and black colours with the metalic blue, green and violet sheen, and for their intelligence and love for mischief.

Wings, pack, bond
Eurasian magpie
Species | Feb 27, 2023

Pica Pica



Kronomis are dangerous panther-like creatures living in Brie's caves, in Iphars. They have barely been seen, as their dark fur helps them camouflage in the darkess of the caves. All attacks from creatures in the caves have been attributed to the Kronomis, whether they are all their acts or not, it is unknown.

Silent, stalk, predator, shriek, danger, horn, roar



The Ethrais are small insects from Iphars who live by lava lakes that produce Staney, a spicy honey-like substance. These little insects are known for the disgusting smell they emit, similar to burnt Staney.

Stripes, prey, food, stinky, wings, pack, messenger


Redling dancer

This small fresh water fish from Daeliha are a common pet in south of Ampteres and, in a small town, an important part of their adulthood ritual. The females colours are less vibrant than the males ones and only the males have stripes on their fins and green marks in their faces. The nest in between rocks and their swimming almost looks like a dance.

Stripes, colorful, orey, burrow, tamed, food



These small fox-like friends from Iphars are a common pet. They are gentle creatures that love everyone who has not hurt them and are loved by the purring they do when being pet. They are happier the more people (or tengrals) they live with but might cause a bit of chaos during night as they were originally nocturnal creatures.

Nocturnal, predator, purr, tamed, howl, pack, bond, burrow, gentle



These grey small mammals from Daeliha are sometimes thought of monstrous for unfortunately mistakes and situations but are in truth very gentle animals that seem to have a special ability to calm down other animals surrounding them. While they do not seem to wander around with their species often, they are always seen spending time with other species.

Stripes, gentle, bond, monstrous



One of the two sibiling species of the [Shell], they live in deeper parts of the Minavelle ocean in Daeliha. Their shells are darker and their bodies smaller, the most different feature is a small horn-like protuberance in their front. Exemplars of these species are rare to see as they live in deep waters and are shy of the Ithakill, but it is believed that their numbers are higher than their sibilings, the [Shell].

Horn, shell


Maned Bat

These bat-like creatures from the Shattered are known for their morning roars. These creatures are known to live close to the Creator, on warm islands. They spend the nights hanging from the island and when the Creator starts the day, they wake up with roars. They have big ears and impressive manes around their necks that they use to detect movements around them. Their small eyes change colours to mach the Creator's most prominent colour of the day.

Wings, roar, colorful, pack



They are the most common between the [Shell] and the [Horn]. These turtles are visually different from the other two species as they have been breed to have colours that help their survival while traveling waters. They are used, in the Misty isles and the Amplin Archipelago of Daeliha, as messengers. They have been breeded to be fast and to have a powerful shriek that when done underwater can stun the closest creatures.

Shell, messenger, tamed



These big sea turtles live in the warmth waters of the Minevelle ocean in Daeliha. They used to be hunted for their colorful shells, their numbers reduced a lot before their hunt became illegal. Their numbers have recently started to going up, yet they have the lowest number of individuals than their sibiling species, the [Messenger] and the [Horn].

Danger, shell, colorful, pack.



They are small lizards from Iphars, with four eyes and no tail. Their green bodies are spotted with yellow dots and orange marks decorate their head crests. They live in forest and their diet is based in berries. They are known for doing high-pitch shrieks each time they feel in danger before running away and hiding in grass.

Shriek, colorful



This cheetah-like creature from Daeliha is known for their curious and lazy way of huting. They live near swamps (or in them) and eat insects rather than meat. To hunt, they simply stay still with their tongue out, their saliva has a sweet scent that attracts insects straight to the tongue. They are loved companions to have when people live near swamps or in places plagued with insects, as they leave your house clean of insects (whenever they decide to do so at least).

Gentle, food, tamed



These Shattered creatures are snake-like, with one pair of wings, and translucid body. They are only seen during rain, flying nearby the Creator, catching raindrops from islands with their mouths which fills their translucid bodies to be colorful. No organs can be seen on their bodies and when they die, their bodies dissolve into a liquid.

Wings, colorful, silent



These wolves from Iphars have a feathered mane and feathers covering their tail. They are known to raise the feathers (only the males though), making them look like they had a halo around their neck and a big tail; this is usually done to attract a mate. Unlike the other wolves species, they howl to Arhar only, and get very noisy whenever Arhar is in full moon.

Danger, howl, pack, predator



These big yellow-eyed birds from Shattered known by their lack of knowing when to stop. They will try get what they started until they get it, they die, or another of their species comes to stop them. There hasn't been found an individual that died of old age, most of them die while hunting, while protecting their territory, or while fighting other males to win a female.

Wings, dangerous, vicious, pack, predator


Silver-scaled seeker

These birds from Daeliha are believed to be cousins of Golden seekers. They are black birds living in forests that are known by their love to trick people and their ability to detect magic. They are family birds and unlike their cousins, they do not enjoy too much of the Ithakill.

Wings, nocturnal, pack, bond, silent, stalk



These small and long mammals from Daeliha have lived so long with Humans that have earned their own species from their sibilings the Kelorp. All individuals of the Lethris are bonded with a Human, a wild Lethris is considered a Kelorp. They bond with a human when both are still babies and will spend their lives together. Lethris love to rest hugging their human's neck.

Bond, prey, purr, tamed, gentle, silent



This mustelid from Astara doesn't seem to have managed to cross to Iphars. They have big eyes and their long tails end up with long fur (rather than the usual short fur of their bodies). They are creatures that look like they would be very noisy, always moving their mouths as if they were talking, but never a sound coming out of it. Strangely enough, they seem to be able to understand each other.

Mythical, silent, burrow



These small birds from Iphars are believed to be myths, legends, by the Ipharians, while Melgent affirm they existed in Ashtara and admit they might have gone extinct with the dawn. The birds had three pairs of wings, two on their backs and one on their long tails. Their short legs were mostly covered on feathers except the palm of the feets, which were used to taste. They spent all their lives flying, only reaching things to taste them.

Wings, mythical, colorful



This cattle species from the Shattered only live in one specific island. They roam around the island as an unique giant group. Inside the group, one can see smaller groups. These smaller groups are formed by friends during the day, while in the night are formed by family. They are hunted by the [Vicious] and some of them have been taken to other islands so people can use them as cattle.

Horn, pack, bond, prey



These small fish-like creatures from Daeliha are known to be parasites of bigger fishes or even sharks. They have two long and thin tentacles in front their lateral fins and two hook-like extremities in their stomach that they use to stay hooked to its victim. They hook themselves near the mouth of a bigger fish and with their tentacles, they steal small food from their host to feed themselves.




These rodents are common everywhere in Daeliha, and thus, are one of the most common prey for predators, like the [Predator]. They have two short tails and two antennaes coming of the top of their head.

Food, prey,pack



These small green and yellow lizards live in a windy island of Shattered. Their long tails are used to hold onto things to not fly away, their bodies are aerodynamic and on their frontal limbs, they have a membrane that helps them stay in control of their bodies while the wind is stong. They live in burrows that they carve with their strong claws, in groups up to two dozens individuals.

Burrow pack



These reptiles are horse-like and live in Daeliha. They are known for their use as mounts as they are fast and also resistent, as their scales gives them an extra natural protection. They are carnivorous and barely any other predator dares attacking them. They do not care what kind of meat they eat as far as they eat it.

Danger, shriek, predator



These panther-like creatures form Iphars have spines coming out of their spines, from the top of their head to the tip of their tail. From their shoulders and hips, spines also come out. They live in the swamp surrounding Death's bay, in caves covered with spiky bushes that only they seem to be able to cross without being hurt.

Danger, nocturnal, predator, monstrous



Kalorp are a species from Daeliha who are gentle small long creatures that are prey to many predators. They live in cold environments and in small communities that burrow in the middle of trees' roots. They are inoffensive creatures, but they are very quick and slippery animals and tend to hide in places that bigger animals cannot reach, which is their only defense towards predators.

Nocturnal, prey, purr, pack, burrow, gentle, silent



This frog from Iphars cames from Astara. They have a pair of wings in their back and a powerful hallucinogenic that will affect even the most resistent creature. They are known for stalking creatures that get too near their home until they leave their territory; if they don't leave, the frog will fly to their face, making them fall to their hallucinogenic.

Wings, colorful, stalk
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