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Flying Plate

Flying Plate is a sports game developed by cadets at the military academies of Volniy.
The game features 2 teams of 6 players a side, throwing a plate between one another with the aim of flying it into one of the 3 goalposts of the rival team.
  Since becoming popular among the army, teams have formed inside and outside the military to compete against each other.
The game became a spectacle in the Volniy Governorate and its related citys.


The game began as an activity to pass time of trainees at the military academies, throwing food plates between each other, later betting if they can land the plates into different containers.

At first, officers found the game inappropriate, damaging discipline and disrespectful to the military as many plates were to be broken if not caught by the recipient.
As the game was still popular, the officers put minor regulations of time and place for the game to be played, as some cadets who advanced in the ranks still played it and sought to allow it. Throwing plates was only to be outdoors, inside the academy conplex grounds and at meal hours or before bed.

The cadets taking interest in the game developed techniques of throwing the plate to make it more eye-catching, in the term of the throw itself and the trajectory the plate would fly in.
As more cadets wanted to participate and make it a more competitive game, they thought of ways to make it a team sport, where teammates would throw the plate between each other and try land it into a container, like a bucket or box, while the other team would try to intercept and catch the plate mid-flight or steal it from the hands of the plate holder.



  • The field is partitioned into 4 equal segments;
  • Centre-Halves: The segments in the center of the field. If the plate is thrown off-field in these areas by a team, it is to be thrown back in by the opposing team from the place it crossed the field border.
  • Back-Halves: The segments between the Centre-Half and the goalposts line. If the plate thrown off-field in this area, it is to be thrown back in by the team holding the goalposts into a teammate in this area.
  • 5 in field players and 1 goalkeeper to try intercept the plate before flying into one of the goalposts.
  • The goalkeeper can be any team member, as long as he is the only one in the goalposts area, meaning goalkeepers and field players can switch mid-game.
  • A round starts by 1 team member throwing the plate back to their teammates, starting an advance.
  • Hard tackling is forbidden, if a player pushes another in a manner that makes them lose stature, the tackler is to be suspended for a period of time and the plate would be handed to the opposing team.
  • A player in hold of the plate is to not move of its location, but only pass the plate to another teammate.
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