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Assex is the second oldest city in the Broken Frontier, the only older city being Elf's Landing. It is also the second city in the Frontier that is originally from the First Era, and has been resettled. It is most likely the biggest city in the Broken Frontier, situated right on the northern coast of Jara, giving it a very good geological position, allowing it to grow incredibly well since its resettlement.   The Assex nobility is still bitter over Unomia's decision to move the head of the Frontier's administration to The City of the Circle, and they still believe that they are the rightful people to rule the Frontier for Unomia, and try to do all in their power to curb the power of The City of the Circle.


Assex is mostly Unomian, although there is a significant number of dwarven and elven occupants due to its place as a trade hub in the Frontier.


Assex is run by a single lord who controls all of Assex and Asseck Forest. It also has a council elected by the local populace, although they have little power. The Lord of Assex controls all of the military and resources, whereas the council can only pass minor bylaws, and advice the Lord on what actions to take.


Since Assex was nearly leveled by Doywood's fleet during Fallnar's war for independence, Unomia invested heavily in Assex's defenses since, which ended up to their benefit during the Great War. Assex has a garrison of around 1500, which are situated mainly in Trade Town, although there are barracks to be found all across the city. Unomia's largest naval base in the Frontier is also about 20 miles west down the coast.


Assex has several major districts, which are named based on translations from First Era texts on Assex. As such, many newcomers can be confused by the names of the districts, as they are not quite pragmatic   The first of which is Westgate, which as its name suggests, is situated around the western gate of the city. It is the poorest district. It borders the castle and docks district.    The Castle District is the wealthiest district, and is borders Westgate, The Docks, and Trade Town. Within the Castle District is the Lord's Manor, which gives the district its name. The Manor directly borders Westgate. The Castle district is the smallest district, and consists of what few government duties still exist in Assex.   Trade Town is the largest district by far, taking up nearly half of the entire town. Trade Town has multiple squares, where goods from the docks are brought for commerce. Trade Town is also the main residential area of the town, and is where most taverns and merchants can be found.    The Docks are the busiest district, and span the entire coastline and about 2 miles into the city. The Docks bring in goods from all across the Frontier, including Elf's Landing, and Acktarn.


Assex holds large amounts of gold in their coffers from all of the trade that goes through.

Guilds and Factions

Assex boasts many powerful guilds throughout the city, mainly holding large amounts of power in Trade Town.    The first guild is the Merchants guild and is the most powerful, arguably holding almost complete control over the entire Docks district


Assex was a city originally founded in the First Era when Merona originally colonized the Frontier. It was set up as a midpoint in the Split Sea, and quickly grew to one of the largest cities in the Frontier during the First Era, only surpassed by Elf's Landing. During the Second Era, Assex was originally occupied by Unomian refugees, until it was sacked by Malkis, who originally wanted to leave it as a ruin, but soon could not deny its strategic position and so reoccupied it, although not properly, and only as a military base. It was eventually taken by the Hvedra, who populated it as their own city for most of the Third Era, until it was reconquered by Unomia at the beginning of the Fourth Era, who properly repopulated it and rebuilt it to its former glory.


Assex is situated on the northernmost point of Jara's coast, just west of Asseck Forest, and on the southern end of the Split Sea.

Natural Resources

Just east of Assex is Asseck forest, which supplies much of the Frontier's logging supplies. Also bordering the Split Sea is an invaluable resource, and fishing is a large industry in Assex.
Founding Date
3 FoE
35 000
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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