Runebane Mountains


The Runebane Mountains are a magnificent mountain range found in the center of the continent of Cathall. From afar, voyagers often marvel at the immense structures that seem to extend to the heavens, and some even sing songs of how one might find a way to Mirdoren itself if one were to climb high enough. Snow Capped peaks and dense foliage that extend to various areas often spark the imagination and wonder of many, which is not surprising when considering how many songs of adventure and love include the Runebane Mountains.   Of the adventures that started in the Runebane Mountains the most famous is...  

Alas, the rest of this tale is...

But it has been heard that a [Scribe] may soon finish the tale... could this be [you]?

Story Hidden in the Mist by Writer Needed


Art Hidden In the Mist by Art Needed

Seed: Grumby[
Story Type: sapling (Place)
Seedling Written By: Rick Merriman
Cover Art: Rick Merriman


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