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10/2/101 EO

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The world of Meora will not be fully developed anytime soon, as I will be focusing on only one city, a fantasy metropolis of sorts. This world was created as the backdrop for a solo Pathfinder campaign that I'm developing for my girlfriend, which will sport political intrigue, stealthy missions and tightly knit plots with developed characters and factions all vying for control over the city. The campaign will start from a humble prisonbreak and see our protagonist, the player’s character, choose what faction(s) to support and follow. I’m a firm believer in free choice campaigns, so while an overarching plot will be put into place, the player will be free to go where they wish. This worldanvil project serves as a framework for the campaign and will continue development in function of the campaign’s needs. The city, along with the country it is contained in and its political relationship with other cities and countries is all we'll need to run this campaign, so for the sake of my own sanity and the coherence of the campaign, I will not develop anything outside of this sphere. If at any point I decide to expand the campaign to other places or start a larger scale campaign beginning in this very city, that will of course change.

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