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Honsmordin is always calm and collected. Having worked for the government his entire career, he’s learned to adjust to a myriad of personalities and adapt to any situation that may come his way. Though incredibly skilled as a mind mage, Honsmordin is extremely humble. However, as a veteran of many battles, his reflexes and ability to react to danger are well honed. Often underestimated because of his mild-mannered personality, Honsmordin is a force to be reckoned with when serious.  

Early Life & Career

Honsmordin was born and raised in Leviton to an upper middle-class family. His parents and most of his extended family all worked for the Fantasmal Government in one way or another, so it was not surprising that he decided to pursue the same path. He was able to go to masters school and eventually become a mind mage which all but assured his ability to receive a government job.   However, Honsmordin’s career trajectory took an unexpected turn when his first assignment was with the Fantasmal Forces as a liaison. Though not a military mind mage, Honsmordin’s liaison position gave him insight into military operations and even field experience. Because of this, he eventually earned the Warrior Guild rank of fighter. After several years working as a military liaison, he worked in various government offices over the span of 150 years including the Special Investigation Services, the legislation houses, and the Global Trade and Commerce Authority, finally becoming the Assistant Chief of Residence Security.  

Fantasmal Mind Mage

At age 191, Honsmordin was promoted to the position of Fantasmal Mind Mage, the Fantasma’s chief of staff, after Darius Wavemore became Fantasma. He’d become friends with Darius during his stint as the Assistant Chief of Residence Security and had even given the guardian advice on several occasions since he had so much more experience working within the government. Darius was impressed with the mind mage and wanted someone who had a lot of insight into how the different divisions of the Fantasmal Government worked. As someone who worked in a myriad of government agencies, Honsmordin was well equipped for the job and able to advise the incoming Fantasma who was not as familiar with government bureaucracy.  

Personal Life & Family

Honsmordin married at the age of 75 to a woman by the name of Marybeth Jonorman, a member of the assistants pool in the Fantasmal Government. Like most human Mendalians, he had two children, boy and girl. His son, Wilfred became a mentant engineer in Acumen. His daughter eventually became a professor at the Wincraft Masters School in Leviton. Both are married with children as well. Marybeth passed away at age 156 and Honsmordin never remarried. Because Honsmordin is a mind mage with an extended lifespan, he has lived long enough to see a few of his grandchildren married and will most likely see his great-grandchildren born.


Honsmordin Pornabus

Friend / Advisor

Towards Fantasma




Towards Honsmordin Pornabus



Honsmordin met Darius when he was station in Zohare as the resident guardian. Darius would visit the mountain periodically and because Honsmordin was the assistant chief of residential security, he crossed paths with the guardian often. Darius came to understand that Honsmordin was very knowledgeable about the government bureaucracy, and the mind mage often helped him navigate through the various departments. Honsmordin and Darius became friends, and the mind mage's years of experience allowed him to advise the guardian in many areas. When Darius was appointed to Fantasma, he appointed Honsmordin as Fantasmal Mind Mage.   Though Honsmordin has more bureaucracy experience than the Fantasma, he still has a high level of respect for him and, true to his nature, is very deferential. Because Fantasma knew Honsmordin for years before he assumed the position, he views Honsmordin as a close friend and almost like family.

Age 208
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 5’6” (1.67m)
Build Average
Complexion Fair
Eyes Light-blue
Hair short, silvery-grey
Father Tialworth Pornabus (deceased)
Mother Caroline Pornabus (deceased)
Sister Rashella Pornabus
Mendalian Ranks
Adimus Rank Mind Mage
Guild Rank Fighter
Hometown Leviton
Fantasmal Government Fantasmal Mind Mage
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