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Ryū Matsuri

Ryū Matsuri (竜祭り), or better known as Dragon Festival, is an annual tradition for the Darugas to hunt down the Nameas in Draugr. The hides of Nameas are then crafted into clothing or armors to commemorate the deeds of the huntsmen. The tradition also prompts them to curb the population of the Nameas to prevent a similar tragedy from years prior happening again.   There are also rumors of youths being sacrificed to the creature that slumbers in the Daruta Mountains. It is unknown at what degree does this information holds its truth, however, the youths that are often being sacrificed are outsiders. Reports of missing people with their last seen location in Draugr sparked ill rumors toward others outside Daruga.
The Mounts of Daruta, where the creature Sakaratul resides.


On the year 32 in Era 3, Dragons graced Memoria when they first emerged from the mountains of Daruta in the archipelago of Draugr. The Scaled Beings laid waste upon the world, breathing flames and consumed the ashes of the fallen. They were feral, but not as terrible as the creature that slumbered in Daruta. The creature, dubbed by the Qadani as Sakaratul, split the world into several continents and lands with its mere movement. Its flames brought upon the Ashen Winter, blocked the sun from reaching Memoria and caused many deaths with the emergence of Ashseekers.   It was only when the guardians stepped forward to tame the beasts and brought Sakaratul back to its nest in Daruta. The dragons, which the guardians called them Nameas; Ashen Prophets, were killed and their scales and hides were harvested for armors and fire proof clothing. This newfound knowledge were distributed to kingdoms and cities, but due to the extreme climate of Draugr, nobody dared to hunt the remainder of the Nameas.   Strigea proposed to the Daruga, mainly the Andilon Family, to hunt down these creatures in exchange of Riels. They agreed, and promptly hunting them down to the point of extinction. The Council of Guardians then interfered, proposing an annual hunt instead to ensure the supply of fire proof clothing and armor available to the rest of the world.


  Known as The Feculent One, Sakaratul is a dark creature bore the ability to alter the world as It pleases. Whether it is a Darkras or not remains a mystery, but even a slightest movement can alter the tectonic plates of the world, causing various natural disasters and climate changes. Its yawn rumbles the world and Its worse state is Its hunger, when it would wake and consumes a continent should it not be satisfied.   None could tell what form it takes. Those who were sacrificed had no means to describe what form does Sakaratul had before they were consumed. Some say It was a shadow that could manifest into anything It wants. Others speculated that It possess a Husk to resemble a sentient being as a way to deceive Its captors. Another believed that It was just a large dragon serves as a brood mother for the Nameas. Sakaratul is referred as It with capital I. The Daruga had seen It as a divine being and shrines were erected for It.
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