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Poly-Cats are the native species of Floreale and serve as the pollinators of the town to grow the flower house. Spores and seedlings attached to their fur, grown for a moment until it is bloomed on a Poly-Cat's body before it detached and continues to grow on the ground into a structure.

Basic Information


Their anatomy is similar of a normal cat, with the exception of their coats and tail which differs from one type to another. Each cat has different plant attached to their tail, either from flowers, fungi or cacti. There are no known cats that pollinates fruit trees although it is probable. Their fur also varies from the types of plants they pollinates. Long-haired Poly-Cats are common in pollinating mosses and fungi whereas the short-furred carries flowers and cacti.

Genetics and Reproduction

They do not have gestation nor mating period, however, you may witness the cat randomly basking under the sun and splits into two, or just staring into your soul and splits into several Poly-Cats. The more the cat splits, the smaller the split part will be.

Growth Rate & Stages

If the split becomes a kitten, they grow up normally but does not require any sustenance. Poly-Kittens photosynthesize before they start hunting for themselves. At the age of 2, their tails will have the plants that they will be pollinating.

Ecology and Habitats

It can be ruled that the Poly-Cats can only be found in Haint, where most of the rare species of plants can be found. Poly-Cats need a clean environment with winds to help spread seedlings throughout the land.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Depending on the plants on their tail, a Poly-Cat may consume insects, fruits, fungi, cacti or simply live with photosynthesis.

Biological Cycle

Poly-Cats' coats changes depending on the season. In Spring, they will be completely covered in blooming flowers.    In Summer and Autumn, their coats turn into dark brown to blend with the leaves and adapt to the heat.   In Winter, their coats turn white and they will undergo hibernation with the plants on their tail, closing (flowers) or shed off their tail until Spring.

Additional Information


Poly-Cats are great house pets for those that are allergic to fur. This is due to certain residue on their coats that nullifies any allergies or sickness and the ones with the flowers will attempt to close them to prevent any pollens flying about. If there are pollens in the air, the Poly-Cat will try to get them attached to their coats and nullifies their effects onto those that are allergic to pollens.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The long-haired Poly-Cats are shaved for their fur due to the special residue that can nullifies allergies or sickness. The furs are then brewed into potions but only available locally in Floreale.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their tail enables them to sense what plant is ready for pollination upon contact. They are observed to touch every plant they approached and sometimes replaces the plant on their tail with another that is ready to be pollinated.

Scientific Name
Cattoes Politoes
30 years
Conservation Status
Since its only available on Haint, Poly-Cats are prohibited in leaving the land or smuggled as they will wilt and die. The changes of temperature, atmosphere and climate causes their body to rapidly deteriorate, hence, they are useless outside of Haint, but they can be dried out and smuggled to alchemists.   Smuggling activities can be found in Haint and the people of Floreale take every precaution they could to prevent and persecute these smugglers.
Average Height
23-25 cm
Average Weight
6-10 kg
Average Length
46 cm
Geographic Distribution

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26 Aug, 2020 17:30

Awww I loved picturing this. So creative!

Master Cryssalia
Cryssalia Noire
26 Aug, 2020 18:22

Thank you! This article is based on my cats and also to dedicate to those that are allergic to cats! :3

28 Aug, 2020 11:42

This is so different and cuuute! I was sad about the part about them being dried up and smuggled. Sadness. Otherwise, I am surprised about the housecat part! That was fun to picture. What sounds do they make, if any at all? They probably wouldn't meow...   ...right? *Puts on thinking cap*   I like how they "procreate", so to speak, and the part that they just stare into your soul—I don't know if that was mean to be humorous, but it was to me. xD   As for their furs, will you go into detail about these potions? That sounds interesting!

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Master Cryssalia
Cryssalia Noire
28 Aug, 2020 13:13

I'm working on how the potions are brewed and the Poly-Cats! I like to think they chirp instead of meow but their chirps from the plant on their tail!