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Haint is considered the most beautiful land in Memoria by the Council of Guardians. The terrain is green flatland with hills and a single mountain near the North. It is believed the water that comes from the mountain is the cleanest and purest, which leads to the abundance of plants and animals.   From above, Haint appears colorful whether it is day or night. The continent would be in rainbows with the land as if swaying along the waves and winds.

Fauna & Flora

One of the famous animal species on Haint is Jir; a deer-like creature with blue hide and Neon tips. Despite the bright colours, Jirs use them to blind predators before escaping.   The most prominent plant on the land is Greledine, a rare plant that glows upon contact. However, the colors are due to the rubber on their leaves to ward off animals.


Initially, Haint was only a green flatland with a couple of small hills that shelters Newties from the cold. Water was extremely scarce that Newties had to wait for rain or collect dews from leaves. It was only after the eruption of Mount Venn was when there is a water source for the residents.   The Northern Winds also blow through Haint, which serves as the main power source to the rest of Memoria. The rare plants are believed to be brought by the winds and settled down on the land. Animals began to migrate to the great land and new species came into existence.


Haint receives a high amount of tourists beginning in Era 4. Humans began to open up tourism agencies and offer everyone a chance to watch the leaves to glow or changing colors. They also offer marriage services and the business instantly booms.   Lodges and cabins are built near the sea, rivers, or a lake and offer fishing, kayaking, or hiking activities to tourists. This increases the traffic and economy in Haint rapidly.

Alternative Name(s)
Hanamura, Land of Fertilty
Included Locations
Ruling/Owning Rank
Grand Priest
Inhabiting Species

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