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During the Five Decade Darkness, Floreale in Haint was one of the most affected towns. The townspeople mutated into Darkras, the survivors died from hunger, disease, and/or killed. The town was in complete ruins and burnt to ashes.   It was in Era 3 Year 21 when the town is rebuilt by a survivor of Floreale; Caellim along with her family. The replantation of the flowers that are used to be the homes of Floreale helps bring in more townspeople and by the Year 67, Floreale once more returned to its former glories.   Caellim advertised the town, bringing in tourists to improve its economy while also attracting potential inhabitants to the town.


Homes in Floreale are built from giant flowers that are either the bulbs stayed on the ground or grown few feet above to resemble an apartment. Flames are absolutely prohibited and the town depends on agriculture and flower dews for food and water source.


Floreale townspeople first settled in Haint in Era 1 Year 14 during the rule of the Sable family. The cool natural environment allows the flowers to grow gigantic and provided shelter. The petals hardened to be walls, and the pistil provided comfort and bedding.   When the Five Decade Darkness happened in Era 2 Year 52, the flowers wilted and Floreale crumbles into ashes as the flowers are burnt and the people mutated. Remaining survivors either escaped from Haint or killed by the Darkras. Haint and Floreale lay abandoned in the waist until it ended in Year 102.   Era 3 Year 21 is the year when Caellim; a survivor of the destruction, returned to Haint and Floreale with her family and rebuilt the town by planting Azuria; a species of giant flowers that has healing powers. The flower slowly brought life back to the town upon its spores landed on the ground and more Azuria grows.   Year 67 is when Floreale returned to its former glory with its population grows to 432.

Era 2, Year 74, Slavelm, Maron (9.74.ANC)

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