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Earth has grown beyond cyberpunk sprawls. A global rebellion against the all-powerful corporations has left the world in segregation. The handful of mega cities that remain persevere while those unfortunate enough to live outside must survive the hardships left behind by the rebellion. A single, colossal storm, perpetually travels across the globe, leaving ravaged land in it's wake. It has been given the name The Dragon; an unnatural phenomenon caused by weapons designed to destroy the Executors. The handful of megacities that are left protect themselves with magical shields that cover their metropolises, making sanctuaries from the storm so their taxpayers can continue their lives in blissful ignorance.   Corporations have grown to own cities. Their CEOs are no longer mere chairmen, but have ascended to be Executors. They are virtually gods in surveillance states with all the citizens' information at their will.   There is an anti-exec group called Exodus who opposes what they see as slavery by controlling peoples personal information.   From that movement formed a radical group called Red Sea that took up arms against the corporations and were deemed as terrorists in the corporate-owned news. They developed the weapons to destroy the Executors and inadvertently created the Dragon.