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1109 AUE

Created by

" The World Before. A planet lost in its own magic. Home. This land has many names but most call it Memdia. What it means has been lost to time, but it rolls off the tongue quite nicely. Here is a land where magic is in the air we breathe and the blood that courses through our veins. We have dragons perched atop great mountains, immortal wizards locked in towers and cursing anyone who comes near, but most importantly, people living their lives, pacing along the stretches of time.   It's a place teeming with life, where the wind whispers to you if you care to listen.   Where unique people are living their stories in unique lands, and they'll invite you along if that's what you like.   Where magic is the Gods' greatest gift, but also it's their greatest curse.   Whether you're of the hearty and headstrong Auzweimen, the vivacious and passionate Prismerese, or no country calls your allegiance, in Memdia you will always have a home, and you will always be part of its living history.   Who am I, exactly? What do I know all about this? Well...I don't want to be self-serving, but I've watched this land since its creation, watched as people turned villages into empires, as wars ravaged its lands and as people rebuild it again, as the will of its magic has cured and corrupted. I'd rather you not pay me much mind, I'm a tour guide after all, but if you must call me something, The Storyteller works just fine.   Now, follow me. There's so much of Memdia to see- and everyone's ready to welcome you."