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Wax Stinger Juice

Found inside the small cacti known as the Wax Stingers, Wax Stinger Juice is a highly sought after commodity in the areas surrounding The Wild Wastes. This gel-like, translucent pink substance has its own, strange magical disonance that makes it ideal for alchemy and magicwork, but also gives it some psychedelic properties when consumed.

Due to high demand, many have wandered to search for the little cacti - though their appearance only in areas of Wild Magic make them dangerous to harvest, and such, the Wax Stinger Juice is relatively rare and expensive.


Physical & Chemical Properties

The juice comes inside of the Wax Stinger cacti, and it is in form of thick, translucent pinkish liquid. It disolves easily to alcohol, making it ideal for tinctures. Due to the exposure for wild magic drifts, juice of the Wax Stingers has evolved to survive in such strange enviroment. This has made the juice to have properties that amplify magical as well as more mundane effects of other incredients that are combined with it.

Juice that is not diluted in alcohol can be poisonous to consume as well as unbredictable when reacting to organic substances. It should be handled with great care.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Most common usage of the Wax Stinger juice is in medical- and magical potions as strengthening component. Just small amount of juice can make larger patches of potion more potent with less other ingredients, which is particularly useful if the other ingredients are hard to find in larger quantaties. It is also very good for used in salves.

Unfortunately, not all the usages are as inspiring - despite the risks, people do spice some of their food and drinks with it to get halusiogenic and otherwise strange effects. This includes the infamous Blaze Pop, which is known to be pretty nasty drink, and not particularly safe to consume.
Sharp, sweet
Translucent pink
Common State
Liquid, gel-like
Related Species


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