War Raptor


"Listen here, knife ears. The difference between your fancy Warhorse and the War Raptor is, that after the fight, my raptor will eat your horse."

— Rider from the Raptor Cavalry to elven prisoner

In the Dragon Lands, appearance of dinosaurs is not rare, and as such, it isn't farfetched that the Dragonborn of the area would try to train them. Among the many, the War Raptor must be the most terrifying of the domesticated lizards.

Bred from the biggest and meanest of all the raptors, War Raptor is strong, fast and deadly. These hulking beasts are specially trained for combat. They are tricky to manage and require a lot from the rider, so they won't end up in the raptor's menu. This makes them hard to maintain and rare to obtain. Their carnivorous diet also makes their upkeep very expensive.

Armor and defense

War raptors are usually lightly armored to make sure they keep their moving speed, as well as mobility of their necks. While raptors bolster great eyes sight and hearing, they cannot move their eyes as much as some other animals. The neck of a raptor tends to be very flexible to compensate for any trouble it might cause the beast.

Most War Raptors only have some leather armoring, and sturdy saddles, but their neck is exposed to keep their mobility. Sometimes tails of the raptors can we re-inforced with spiked or studs, but this can throw the beast out of balance or damage the rider, so the practice isn't recommended.

Owning Organization
800 gp
6 m (19.6 ft)
1.8 to 2 m (5ft. 10 in. to 6ft. 6in.)
453 kg (1,000 lbs)
60 ft.

Measurements based on the information and speculations available from the Dakotaraptor.


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