Veralthas Venramoir

Veralthas Venramoir (a.k.a. Althas)

Veralthas, or Althas for short, is a bladesinger and a (adoptive) father to a drake he found as an egg and hatched himself, on accident.

Physical Description

Body Features

Tall and muscular but not overly so. He has been climbing up and down the mast for most of his life, so he has the dexterity of an ape, but strenghtwise he is very average.

Identifying Characteristics

Bladesinger tattoo on his back.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Veralthas had a happy childhood. His first 20 years he lived with his mother, before the Seas called and he joined his father on the ship called 'The Egret'. For around 25 years he sailed happily with his father, enjoying the exotic cultures and meeting new people. 
When he was 46 years old, he joined the Army and headed to the bladesinger training in the Navy, with the recommendations of couple of Donaevels and other important persons. He sailed happily in the Navy, learning the art of the bladesinging up until the last war. Somewhere in the turbulent times, an egg he had bought from a sleazy merchant, decided to hatch and he became the sole caretaker for a newborn drake.    Young baby drake and warships don't mix well, so he got a leave of absence from the Service up until the point he would have gotten the Drake under his control. When he went to ask some help from his relatives, he literally run into Ilyran Venramoir and after 11 years of persistent relationship-building, they got engaged and Althas Phinlynn took the name of Veralthas Venramoir. It has been 14 years since he left the Navy.


Taught basics and some court manners by his mother. Literally learned 'the ropes' with his father. After that, went into the Navy and learned the art of bladesinging there.


The Navy of Islenor.


Family Ties

Hobbies & Pets

He has a familiar called Killick ('Key-Lick') who likes to reside in the form of a keyhole dragonette, hence the name; keyhole dragonettes use their tongues to pick locks. When scouting or delivering messages, Killick often takes the form of a tern.

Drake, who doesn't have a proper name yet, was accidentally hatched from an egg by Veralthas. Ass the young baby drake caused too much mayhem on board the ship, Veralthas got a leave of absence until he'd be able to control his new pet. Drake is a smart thing, much smarter than your average dog or a young child. Veralthas and The Drake often converse in Draconic.

Veralthas also plays a tin whistle and usually carries it with him.


Ilyran Venramoir


Towards Veralthas Venramoir


Veralthas Venramoir


Towards Ilyran Venramoir


Young bladesinger who accidentally became a single father to a drake.

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Date of Birth
30th Junar
Sky blue
Dark brown (cold-toned chocolate)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation


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