Summer Camp Pledge 2022

10th of Jun, 2022

It is time! Time is upon us! Summer Camp is less than month away and unlike in previous years, I figured it was time to make some homework to keep me in course. I haven't really done homework in past years, but this time I felt I should.

It was my dream in last Summer Camp, that I could take part more to the community stuff in Discord and be super active this year, maybe get my summer break to Summer Camp time in it's entirety, however... Life had plans for me, and I'm pretty sure that I can't get myself active in Discord this year either.

So, before going to my goals, let me introduce you to my... Changer of Plans. xD

This is my son, Sisu. :D While writing this, Sisu is now about 1 month old. So at the start of the Summer Camp he'll be about 7 weeks old. I think it's probably very easy to figure out, why this might become an issue during this year. xD I got 2 other kids, yes, but my firstborn turns 13 during Summer Camp and my middle one turns 12 at fall, so they actually don't mind as much when mom has a writing project as long as I reserve time for them.

Sisu, however, is a bit too tiny for having that type of conversations, as you all can probably guess. xD So this year, my SC participation is in the tiny palms of the baby, and I have no idea how it is going to go! He sleeps well and is actually very laidback for a newborn, but only time will tell how well this is going to go!

I haven't completely given up though; I will still put some goals to myself, and we just go with "let's write if I got time and if I don't, I just don't write and focus on irl stuffs!" Sounds fair? Sounds fair!

The Plans!
I haz tem.

So, how will we proceed? What goals I have to myself?

I'm very used to trying for Gold and Diamond badges, but this year I'll be very happy with bronze! Is it possible that I get lucky and manage to write more? Sure, but it is equally as likely that with baby and all other things that involve family and others in July might just eat the time and/or energy to write, So let's not aim so high that it stings. xD Better be happily surprised than work yourself to the bone! This is supposed to be fun challenge after all! x3

As for the all the rest of it...

  • Expand existing areas in Melyria. Bonus points if they got something to do with Jubar and Renzo.
  • Try to read and comment other peoples articles a bit more. This is something I enjoy but haven't done much last year. There might not be always energy to write, tbut there might be some time to read and bring joy to others! Why not do that if I can?
  • If possible, continue the tradition of making redundand sounding item article like the Bucket or Lantern and make it cool if this is allowed by the prompts. Bonus points if I can link it to another article.
  • Take it easy, and try not to write another Memory shroud unless I absolutely have time for that. xD I'm really good at ending up writing more words than nessesary when most inconvenient!!!
  • Have fun and relax!!!
  • Getting out of the writing rut I've been for months. This is not the time to ask for word count for everyday, but lets try to wake up the habit of writing.
  • Enjoy my rewaking inspiration. Pandemic and then the pregnancy really took some creative juice out of me, but the spark is getting back, so I hope to kindle that in responsible manner.
  • Getting some of my breath back. I tend to always write, even when others might not see what I write because it helps me to just be. It's like breathing, if you hold your breath too long- yeah it's not smart, don't do that, so I need to get back to healthy "breathing" habits.
  • Getting some RP-background stuff done. I got so much things I should do, but so little done, as usual. :D That is just how I roll. So let's continue in pretense that I some day got everything done and catch up (I never will, because I will pile more stuff, but I can always try!!!)

That sounds like a reasonable amount of goals, doesn't it? x3 So, awesome Summer Camp planning and cookies for everyone! Love ya!


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Master Moondare
Laure Yates
10 Jun, 2022 19:50

Wow, adorable. Good luck with everything!

Eternal Sage Wordigirl
LexiCon (WordiGirl)
16 Jun, 2022 06:16

aww I know some other fresh mommies who are having a time trying to balance their new little beans with their creative endeavors. I tell them all, don't stress! Enjoy your little loves. Sending you all the prayers and hugs. <3 Much success with whatever you are able to accomplish in-world and in real life!

Have an exuberantly blessed day!!!