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The Sandseers are a religious cult that is feared and respected among the Wastelanders of The Wild Wastes. Sandseers believe that the magical desert they live in is alive, and thus worship its spirit. They believe that thay can read the sands and tell what the desert is thinking, and sometimes their prophecies are scarily accurate...

Divine Origins

According to Sandseers, as The Cracking caused the Scarback Ridge to rise and dried The Wild Wastes, the magical energy gave the area one single consiousness that flows trough everything. According to the local believes, wrath of gods produced The Cracking, and they smited the area, that once was home of a flourishing civilisation, most likely due to the sins and decadence of those people.

Spirit of Sands is considered to be Primordial by some outsiders that still give credense to the Sandseers. They believe that the primordial was released during the cracking, and considered them as a false, pretender god.


Priests among the Sandseers are called Elders, and they are most attuned with the Spirit of Sands. They read omens and use magic in service of the people of the Wastes and the Spirit of the Sand. They are considered madmen by the outsiders, and are often fidgetty and anxious, maybe due to all substances they consume.

Elders often wear undyed clothes, and have let themselves be worn by the elements, thus they start to seem older than they actually are lot quicker than some others. They also wear a pouch with some of the sand with them, where ever they go.

Granted Divine Powers

The powers held by the sandseer elders vary greatly, but most famously they are able the read the will of the Sands as well as the future shen the movements of the sands, like sand storms or wind. This skill is awaken by consuming Blaze Pop and giving one self for the Sands.

Some Elders are able to raise sandstorms themselves, as well as otherwise manipulate the ground around them.

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