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Paragons of Order

Whispers heard from the Outer Planes have sometimes given a glimpses from a force even the gods bow to. Something that makes the world tick, something that comes after the immortal beings and mortals alike when a foolish creature of any magnitude does something so vile, that it causes cracks in reality.

Such crimes against the existence itself are judged only in the highest seat of the court, one completely unknown to the mortals. And that seat is served by the Paragons of Order and their loyal followers.


Paragons of Order respond to Primus. Primus was set by Ao, the creator of all, to keep world intact and solve unsolvable disputes between Grand souls. The angels that do Primus' bidding, known as Inevitables, function under the three Paragons of Primus, Paragons of Order. Each of the Paragons have their own speciality field, which they pay extra attention to.

Archangel Atropos is the Paragon of the Past, taking care of the records of the history, so that all the possible and impossible events of the past are recorded and kept intact. They also make sure that when required, certain information might get hidden or resurface if the balance of the world depends on it.

Archangel Lachesis is the Paragon of the Present, always watching over the current events and crimes against reality. Most active of the three, Lachesis in the one most well known in the planes, and nothing escapes their watchful eyes.

Last but not least, there is Archangel Clotho, paragon of the Future, who's watchful eyes are in the possible futures to come, trying to sense treaths before they happen, making sure no major alternations happen with time and making sure time travel simply doesn't happen in Melyria, and with their visions aiding the two others to get ready for trouble to come.

Each of the Paragons is a powerful god on their own, and each of them has other names to go by in the pantheons of mortals. But even when they give some of their attention to their mortal followers, in the end, their main consern is the balance of the world.

Public Agenda

The few mortals that have ever heard of the Paragons, are most likely received their knowledge on acts or tales of spellcasters that bend The Weave too far from its place or got in possession on secrets or artefacts not suitable for mortals to touch.

Maybe the mortals have tried to open portals to other worlds entirely, or bend time to their will; but their efforts have been stopped by angelic entities, and maybe they have even gotten scolded by the Paragons themselves. Many times it hasn't been more than slap on the wrist and angels taking away artifacts or knowledge that was about to cause the ruckus, but if one would ever raise against these beings, they would never be seen again.

But for the beings of Outer Planes these angels and their superiors are known, and greatly respected. Working as the acting hands of Primus, Paragons of Order are like the highest form of law-enforcement, making sure that reality doesn't break on itself.

Mortals rarely do something so grave that it would get the Paragons' attention, and most wars and disputes between Grand souls do not require their attention. But when something does get the eyes of the paragons, one knows that something has gone truly horribly wrong. Paragons make no differentiation between god or a demon, devil or a mortal human; any or anything that breaks the rules of reality will require their immediate attention, with measures fit for severity of their crime.

Divine Origins

According to the oldest of the Grand souls, Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho were the very first angels to ever exist. They were created with Primus, to do their bidding and protect the multiverse.

These angels are the most powerful ones in existence, and they helped to bring balance in the turbulent times that were the last moments of world's creation.

Religious, Pantheon

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