Grand Chancellor Faren Dornelis

Faren Dornelis serves his fourth term as the Grand Chancellor of the Republic of Amaever. Known from his mild temper, patience and sharp wits, Faren has gotten high praise from both of his people and the neighbouring sorveigns.

Physical Description

Body Features

Compared to the most of Amaeverian men, Faren is rather short and petite. As he has aged his brown hair has started to turn darker and his eyes blurrier thanks to his entrance to Remembrance, stepping to the stage of Memory shroud. Condition hasn't so far affected his work.   He has brown hair, brown eyes, and a calming posture.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born on Apr 12th in 3498, Faren was a son of a sea-captain Ianven Dornelis and master artisan Cainala. While his father was out in the sea more often than not, he grew close to his mother, who served as a guild master in his home city Saldarn. This kind of exposure introduced Faren to local politics at a young age, as he followed his mother to the city council meetings.   Faren would start his political career as an assistant and bookkeeper in Saldarn's Artisan Guild but quickly found himself in a similar position in the local City council, working under veteran council member Herqen Dorquin. While working for decades to Herqen, he was given more and more responsibility, getting the respect of his employer. He would be trusted to appear in his stead when Herqen himself was unable, and advise him in his decisions. Faren would later contribute a lot of his success to Herqen.  
"He (Herqen) became more than just employer. He was just as much mentor to me as teachers before him. It wasn't until years went by and I got family of my own when I realized how much it must have bothered him he had no children to pass his knowledge to. It might sound outrageous, but sometimes I felt I was a substitute for a son or nephew. And on that grounds, I hope my works will continue off his legacy."
— Faren Dornelis
  As Herqen retired from his political career, he would urge Faren to run for city council in his stead. Faren's first position didn't come with an impressive landslide of votes, but as he continued his work, he earned his place is City Council. He became involved with several significant trading agreements and city legislations. Years later he became most recognized by his work with relations between Mydiir and rest of the continent during his run as the Chairman of the City Council, and he was eventually voted to Amaeverian House of Councillors, becoming a part of parliament.   Faren has served several positions during his long career and has regularly had some silent years as he has instead of running any office focused on family life and self-improvement, but has been very active for the last 70-years or so. It is suggested, however, that he might be considering retirement in a term or two, or at least moving to less public affairs.


Parents of young Faren were both hard-working and diligent and made sure their son would have the best possible education available to him. Faren would learn trading, bookkeeping, literature, and history. He went through several mentors in his youth and was a hard-working student.


Faren has worked in several positions during his lifetime from more mundane work to be representative of Amaeverian people. Some of the most prominent of these positions include:
  • Bookkeeper of Artisan Guild in Saldarn
  • Personal assistant to civic-councilor Herqen Dorquin
  • Civic councilor of the City Council of Saldarn
  • Chairman of the City Council of Saldarn
  • National Councilor
  • Chancellor of Economy
  • Chancellor of Finance
  • Grand Chancellor of Amaever

Accomplishments & Achievements

Faren Dornelis became most famous during negotiations with continental Amaever during his run as Chairman of the Saldarn's City Council. The tensions between Mydiir Island and rest of Amaever have been cyclical, as Mydiir plays an essential role in Amaever's economy, yet has very different needs and priorities than rest of the country. Keeping the power balance between continental Amaever and Mydiir has been tricky, and finding solutions that fit all parties have been difficult.   During his run as the Chairman, Faren proved himself resourceful and reasonable, getting praise from his own community for staying firm in his commands yet knowing when to settle with parliament on different types of compromises to get profitable conclusions. His calm mannerisms contributed to tax and trade legislation and improved the relations inside the nation. Most bold suggest, that it was only Faren's impossible patience that stood between peace and yet another civil war.


Family Ties

While Faren himself was the only child of his parents, he has collected himself a sizable family. He has two wives: Chaeleth and Shamys and six children. With Chaeleth he has son Kelven & daughter Aralee, and with Shamys he has sons Raloric & Carnelis and daughters Kriswen & Keystin.


His contemporaries know Faren from his calm, soothing voice, and he often speaks very softly and with a less demanding manner as some of his colleagues. This tone encourages the listeners to pay extra attention to his every word.

Current Location
Currently Held Titles
Year of Birth
3498 AoS 549 Years old
City of Saldarn, Mydiir Island in Amaever
Current Residence
Long, wavy, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
167 cm (short)
44.6 kg (petite)
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Elvish

"Success of our people isn't determined by our knowledge or strong roots, but by the influence we have to one another and for our environment. We should strive for success and excellence and example for those who look up to our people for support and inspiration. As Tel'quessir, we have a responsibility to show we have earned the reincarnation of our spirits, and that it has a reason. We owe it to our gods. We owe it to our people. We owe it to our neighbors. We owe it to the world to be worthy of the gifts we have received."
— Faren Dornelis

Character Portrait image: Faren Dornelis by Tiirikka


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