Daydream Atoll

Spiritgrove of the Calm Sea

On the coasts of south east Jin Jing, in the Calm Sea stands a beautiful atoll, gently hugged by the calm waves. Famed from it's beauty, this reef is full with colors and wildlife. Waters inside the atoll are told to have healing properties and it is considered a form of a Spiritgrove .


The Daydream Atoll is a roughly kidney-shaped area, where waters feel almost pleasantly warm and the air is full of the fresh scent of the ocean in it's finest. Several colourful fish, gorgeous corals, seaweeds, seashells made it shine like it was made of pearls. It is really a piece of paradise or daydream unlike any other, and from that, it has gotten its name.

In middle of the Atoll is smaller island, with shiny sands, spirit trees and small cave. In front of the cave has been laid an offering table, where pilgrims and travellers bring gifts to please the Nymph of the Atoll, so she would let them pass safely. Some might have come to search for the Nymph's favour, though many speculate is she is even real.


The beautiful natural wonder is told to be home not for only gorgeous plants and wildlife, but also Nymph of the Atoll. Nobody is sure if the tales real, though. But judging by the beauty of the reef, it would be possible, if not likely. Water elementals have been sighted roaming in the area.

As with many Spiritgroves, druids consider the spot holy. Occasionally some druids take respite on the island, connecting to the magic of the atoll. They won't stay for long periods though, so they wouldn't disturb the natural balance of the area.


Besides the plants harvested in atoll having several magical properties, it is believed that the Nymph has several treasures hidden there. These include gifts it has gotten from travellers and things it had collected over the years. How much of this is true is debatable, but the rumours persist.

Special Properties

Weather in the atoll is often pleasant and warm, at least compared to its environment. Waters here are told to have healing properties. Typical to Spiritgroves, atoll is surrounded by area where rifts to Feywild might appear.

Alternative Names
Nymph's Atoll
Natural Wonder
Parent Location
Environmental Effects

Those who spent time there for long periods of time has been known to see prophetic dreams.

Owning Organization

Nymph of the Atoll
Myth | Dec 30, 2020

Stories have been told and stories have been sung, from the Nymph of the atoll in Calm Sea. According the legend she tends the Daydream Atoll.

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