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Archangel Lachesis

Exarch Of Primus, Paragon Of The Present; Lachesis

No other pair of eyes watch over all of life with an intense gaze like one of Lachesis. Forever vigilant, peering through the deepest fogs trying to see even the hidden actions of gods and fiends, they stand ready to leap in action when the balance of the world is insulted. As the great protector of Order, Lachesis is the most fierce and visibly active from the Paragons of Order, often considered as a face of their operations.

Lachesis' main concern is the Now; why they are informed by the past and looking for the future, maintaining order in the present and making sure nothing is done that could destroy anything in the route to the better future. Ends do not justify the means if the balance is compromised as far as Lachesis is concerned, making them very confrontational and hot-headed in matters of both gods and fiends.

Sometimes Lachesis takes a liking to a particularly disciplined and principled mortal, offering them a pact as their Warlock. Through them, Lachesis can deal with more specific injustices, while guiding the mortal soul toward a better path in life.

But beware, as ends still won't justify the means, not how matter noble your intentions. If something is seen as wrong by Lachesis, they won't accept it, no matter your justifications. They are not a spirit of vengeance, nor they are a paladin of good; they are being of order, law and justice, and the law is blind and unconcerned about your feelings.

Divine Domains

Domains of Lachesis are law and order, and so is safeguarding those things. Due to this, Lachesis is often found co-operating with gods with those domains.

Physical Description

Body Features

In the early days of their existence, Lachesis observed that a form of large, muscular male seemed to gather respect from the mortals they dealt with, so as a creature of consistency that is part of the form they prefer to keep. They are not so fixed to this form that they wouldn't have used others, but more often than not, they prefer to appear as a masculine creature.

Lachesis is tallest of the Paragons of Order, over 3,3 metres. He appears as Solar with silvery skin, pink topaz eyes and copper hair that moves around like it was made of fire, wind or smoke blowing downwards. They have six large, copper coloured wings.

Even when taking feminine form, Lachesis often appears as a large creature, wide-shouldered and intimidating, while still keeping beautiful features of a celestial being. In the occasion, they have also taken a form of a large animal, like a bear, or an eagle or as a single floating eye with fire wings.

Apparel & Accessories

Typically, Lachesis is seen wearing a metallic armour, one fit for a heavenly warrior, but in occasion they also appear entirely like a construct. Their wings can appear as feathery, made of metal of entirely made of flame, and they wear large Warhammer on their side.

Armor is filled with tiny images depicting the world events in the disguise of metaphors. It has been known to change color and brightness to match Lachesis mood and the state of the universe as a whole.

Those unlucky enough to cross the balance, might find themselves crossing Lachesis, who storms down with pair of Ophanims on his side.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Lachesis was created together with their divine siblings, Atropos and Clotho, by the Primus as Primus came to existence in the end of creation. Due to Lachesis' nature, they are often mentioned as a side mention in some old documents, usually assigned by mortals as angel of what ever god they saw fit, as mortal do not know of Primus.

Among the creatures of Outer Planes it is known that Lachesis has gained themselves role as a deity with quite a few pantheons, yet this wouldn't be something the Warlocks of Lachesis would be aware of. It is also told, that even some of the angels first assigned for them have raised to godhood themselves.

Gender Identity

Mostly masculine


Being like Lachesis is always working, and they have more forms or aspects than Lachesis. As Lachesis they serve Primus and present the lawbreakers on the court of Primus, often being one to hunt them down and execute the punishment. This is added to their role as a watcher who goes and proactively fixes some smaller errors that do not need a greater trial.

Intellectual Characteristics

While known as the hot-head of the Paragons of Order, Lachesis is also known as the most compassionate one of the three. They have a hard time understanding more chaotic beings when they do things "just because", and they tend to have a bit favouritism toward good against evil, as it just makes more sense to them in most cases, though not always. They are not always ready to understand the rules and laws of one land, and instead base their judgements on more general laws like pain tends to breed pain and chaos more chaos, and are thus more considering consistency of actions in the universal sense than the whims of lawmakers.

Lachesis is quick to act and would rather act earlier than later or at least make the foundations of actions that will take place on the later date. They are not the type to stand on the sidelines unless they believe that previous actions cause injustice suffered by someone on the current moment. Nor they see why a bad person should be punished on deeds they did not commit or harsher than necessary.

Lachesis believes in continuity, as it makes things more predictable and as such, harmonious. They are not good at surprises and are always surprised by sudden changes made by a chaotic individual, even if they probably shouldn't be. That is a price to pay for a lawful creature in a chaotic world when they are assigned to the mysterious "Now".

Morality & Philosophy

Balance of the universe is, in the end, the greatest moral goal of all Paragons of Order. Everything the Paragons do is, on its own way, contributing to this goal.

As the one most concerned by the continuity, it has always been little easier for Lachesis to understand principles of good, if not quite all of them. Like any being of their power level, they are more concerned about the big picture and people's souls than small offences.

This can sometimes make their logic hard to follow to a mortal, that might have a pact with Lachesis. On the one hand, they might let their warlock steal or kill quite freely, but then suddenly condemn some action that appears small and insignificant to a mortal or similar than something they did before without waking Lachesis ire. As erratic as this feels for the mortal, it is caused by the strange and wide perspective of the being they are holding on to.

In their core, Lachesis believe in equality and fairness, to a point where their vision might feel even more compassionate and inclusive than the nature of the purely good entity.

I am not here to judge intentions or thoughts but actions; unless your thoughts are causing the world to break, you are free to have them.

— Lachesis


Contacts & Relations

In such a remarkable position, Lachesis has an interesting collection of allies and aquintances, including warlocks, celestials, deities and even in odd circumstances, few devils. One should remember though, that Lachesis will only respect these alliances on the point they do not go against their primary objectives.

Lachesis is also told to have few angels they have created to their service, some more closer to them than others. Lachesis' angels often end up contesting with each other, and their favour has a habit of being a bit fickle even to celestial beings, but more because of the good and evil tempting the less lawfully fixed angels than their ability to understand Lachesis' lawful vision.

Family Ties

Lachesis was born as the creation and Exarch for Primus, together with Clotho and Atropos. As the beings of law, if a bit more humane as their overseer, Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho function mostly in harmony, with the understanding that they are meant to work (at least in these aspects of them) with one another. They do occasionally disagree on things, but these disagreements are dealt silently and respectfully.

Social Aptitude

Lachesis is fearsome when angered, but when spoken to in less charged moments, they are actually very sociable and much more understanding than their paragon siblings. As a Paragon of the Present, Lachesis has a better understanding of the feelings, anxieties and thoughts of the mortals that are always stuck on the now. They understand the limitations of the mortal experience better, and thus can, at least vaguely, relate to the fear the unknown future and unchangeable past bestow for mortals.

As harsh as their judgements are, they can explain themselves in a manner that feels at least somewhat acceptable, if not even comforting. They know that pictures of past or future are not what motivates mortal soul, but they validate their feelings now giving them tangible comfort. This has made them like a father figure for some of their warlocks that lack direction.

That said, Lachesis isn't particularly good with compromises and gets easily agitated. Trying to be constantly aware of all "the Now" can be mentally exhausting and extremely irritating, even for immortal being.

Divine Classification
Archangel, Paragon
Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Paragon of the Present
Exarch of Primus
Currently Held Titles
Circumstances of Birth
Creation of Primus
Topaz pink
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
332 cm
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
All, telepathy

Custom warlock patron

Suggested pact
The Celestial
Optional rule


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