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Archangel Clotho

Exarch Of Primus, Paragon Of The Future; Clotho

The sight of the multidimensional being like a god is formidable and far more far-reaching than a mortal can understand, but the sight of Clotho goes even beyond. No other creature than maybe Ao themselves can sense beyond time itself with such vivid accuracy. Possibilities and the potential of the future with all the options open to them unlike to no other, giving them sense for futures that may come.

It is the duty of Clotho to make sure that the future would stay just as lively as it is supposed to, without falling to destructive chaos. As a being of law, they look for the possibilities that jump out the acceptable lines that could still be handled by other beings, informing of possible perils to come and encouraging for a more stable future. To make sure that this mission is not sent to further imbalance, they make sure to watch over all the manipulation of time in Melyria.

Clotho can sometimes take interest in some exceptional mortals with a taste of better the world or with inborn talents for divination. Those mortals might end up to be their warlocks, getting aid for their noble goals while simultaneously helping Clotho on keeping the balance of the world and stopping threats before they even became problems in begin with.

But the future is always changing, and Clotho only uses their skills to warlock's benefit when they are deserving and it doesn't break the balance of the world. Those who try to trick with the Paragon of Future can quite easily stumble on a stream of bad luck, that makes their life very difficult.

Divine Domains

Domains of Clotho are time and future, and so is safeguarding those things. Due to this, Clotho is often found co-operating with gods who align with those domains.

Physical Description

Body Features

The figure of Clotho is particularly ethereal, and they often make one think they might be in a dream. They tend to take a gentle appearance, that soothes the being dealing with them, coupled with a soft voice. Clotho's gender appears as whatever the being dealing with them feels most comfortable with.

Clotho is a Solar that is nearly 3,3 metres tall, and they have eyes like yellow topaz, silvery skin and brass coloured hair that reaches their ankles. They have six brass coloured wings that are a bit larger than the ones of their heavenly siblings, Atropos and Lachesis.

One of the more striking features of Clotho is their third eye on their forehead, which can appear as an actual eye, a gemstone mounted to their skull, a tattoo or as a circlet. The eye is golden with a serene expression if it has one, and when it looks like an eye it mostly follows Clotho's more regular eyes, though occasionally it might move out of synch with the rest of them. Sometimes Clotho also manifests a second pair of arms.

Clotho also often hovers on their place, like earth or floor would actually start for them about two or three inches higher than for everyone else. They never seem to touch the ground. Sometimes they also appear in a form of a web of thin golden threads or chains that cross around a space, or as a group of ghostly outlines that all move in their own phase.

Apparel & Accessories

From the Paragons of Order, Clotho wear the most jewelry. They are often circled by swirling sand and a group of what look like ioun stones, with eyes carved on them, as well as they carry a crystal ball and an hourglass unless the items are simply hovering in front of them. They have very intricate garb with several reflecting layers, colours reflecting their state of mind or the spirit of the situation. Clothing is covered with intricate gold threads. It is quite common for them to wear chrystals or giant coloured pearls around their neck.

Sometimes, Clotho's wings are transparent. Sometimes they are covered by silk scarves. They can also manifest with mechanical wings while wearing a mask that depicts their 3 eyes, but not their mouth.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Clotho was created together with their divine siblings, Atropos and Lachesis, by the Primus as Primus came to existence in the end of creation. On this time before time when multiple beings were still able to move time easily and without restrictions, talents of Clotho helped to end some catastrophies and later help to bring control over the usage and movement of time.

Among the creatures of Outer Planes it is known that Clotho has gained themselves role as a deity with quite a few pantheons, yet this wouldn't be something the warlocks of Clotho would be aware of. It is also told, that even some of the angels first assigned for them have raised to godhood themselves.

Gender Identity



Being like Clotho is always working, and they have more forms or aspects than Clotho. As Clotho, they serve Primus and confirm the direction soul is moving, read their thoughts and see the possible outcomes of scenarios, trying to aid in making the best judgement. They are constantly trying to sense possible catastrophes in the future and prevent them, if possible, or atleast cushion them with their best ability by taking actions and making forewarnings.

Intellectual Characteristics

Clotho is known to be most soft-spoken and appears most gentle from the Paragons of Order, but also most mysterious. There is a strange singing note to their speech and they sound like they would be humming a tune, as while their voice reaches everywhere, they never seem to raise their voice more forceful than a whisper. Teir every word has a feel of a riddle which one has not quite uncovered yet.

At a quick glance, Clotho is well articulated and observant, so much so that occasionally they reply to people well in advance to things they will say mere moments later. They might be even found joking, and smiling a mysterious smile. But what is often mistaken as kindness by a trusting mortal, is actually far more complicated theatre of insight.

Clotho can constantly see into close future, and sense the fabric of time, and the possible positions it will fall. Further one tries to see, more possibilities there are and as such, the predictions come less accurate, but their sight reaches far enough that with this gift combined by the insight of angel, Clotho can tell disturbingly much about any soul they meet. While not malicious, this makes the relaxed seeming appearance much more calculative, and even sinister feeling for those that pick it up.

Morality & Philosophy

Balance of the universe is, in the end, the greatest moral goal of all Paragons of Order. Everything the Paragons do is, on its own way, contributing to this goal.

Clotho is the problem solver and the mediator of the group, with the main goal of dodging conflicts before they even arise. More than a few times Clotho has been tempted by chaos, as for a creature always looking towards the future, change is always exciting. But the firm feeling of purpose has kept the Paragon of Future making sure that the stability is maintained on acceptable levels.

Their position has made Clotho most concerned about potential, and with all imaginable futures under their eyes, the endless possibilities of both improvement and setbacks are laid for them to observe. This gives them insight for all the imaginable horrors with the possible opportunities, but also the reassurance of the balance, as it is rare for the worst or best scenarios to happen.

At times, these visions can be used to bring comfort, as the can tell their warlocks that everything is going to be okay - but it can also make them harsh in a way that often is easier to feel than actually pinpoint. While seeing possible outcomes, Clotho has the hardest time to remember, that mortals actually cherish their lives and live in the now, and as such future come with many anxieties to them, especially the thought of death. Clotho might encourage them to leave that anxiety behind by telling they are serving a higher purpose, but for a mortal, such things are hard to see. As such, Clotho's encouragements do not always land and might even cause more distress.

From all the Paragons of Order, Clotho is that one that most believes on the meaning of purpose, and on their best, they can provide it to the lost.

No action is meaningless, no breath stays unnoticed. Every soul, every existence is vital for the bigger picture. No life is lived in vain.

— Clotho


Contacts & Relations

In such a remarkable position, Clotho has an interesting collection of allies and aquintances, including warlocks, celestials, deities and even few devils. One should remember though, that Clotho will only respect these alliances on the point they do not go against their primary objectives.

Family Ties

Clotho was born as the creation and Exarch for Primus, together with Lachesis and Atropos. As the beings of law, if a bit more humane as their overseer, Atropos, Lachesis and Clotho function mostly in harmony, with the understanding that they are meant to work (at least in these aspects of them) with one another. They do occasionally disagree on things, but these disagreements are dealt silently and respectfully.

Social Aptitude

As freakish as they may look, Clotho is extremely pleasant to interact with, always calm and soothing in their tone. Their presence doesn't demand attention forcefully like one of their colleagues, though one couldn't say their appearance would be more humble in any shape or form.

With their words, Clotho can give lavish compliments, boost the ego of beings they are speaking with, and while reading their mental state, they weave the words in ways most appealing to the listener. Mortals might prefer them as a spokesman of the Paragons of Order, but some beings more well versed dealing with these entities rather take the bluntness and the trouble of hot-headed Lachesis, as that feels less manipulative.

Clotho knows the art of inspiring, and they can bolden their listeners to do great deeds, but they are just as capable of sowing fear to their hearts. With a one, well-chosen word they can crush a person's hopes and dreams, or invoke their worst nightmares. They do not prefer this method, as it tends to cause more conflicts than it solves, but are ready to have it when necessary.

Even among Grand souls, Clotho is seen as a bit of a charmer. Some may have even heard them have quite many children. These might be just rumours though.

Divine Classification
Archangel, Paragon
Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Paragon of the Future
Exarch of Primus
Currently Held Titles
Circumstances of Birth
Creation of Primus
Current Residence
Topaz Yellow
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
All, telepathy

Custom warlock patron

Suggested pact
The Celestial
Optional rule


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