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Araleth Letheranil

God of Starlight


The Twilight Rider Araleth Letheranil

Araleth Letheranil is the elven god of light, especially associated with stars. In Melyrian myth, he is often associated as the messenger of The Seldarine. While not a god of divination himself, he is said to arrange the stars so, that messages of the other deities like Sehanine Moonbow, Labelas Enoreth and Kirith Sotheril are visible from night sky. He also guides lost travelers and aids the seekers of truth on their path.

He is known to contact mortals through omens, revelations, shooting stars, and the best way to get his attention is to pray towards The Shaft of Light.

Divine Domains

Light, stars, revelations, truth

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Divine Symbols & Sigils

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Tenets of Faith

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In Empire of Islenor, fall festival known as the Night of the Twilight Rider is dedicated to Araleth and his worship.

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Divine Goals & Aspirations

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Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

Famously, Araleth is thought to be unable to tell lies and is characterized with great wit, eagerness to help, and immense curiosity. While very loyal and dutiful, he is described to sometimes suffer from a short attention span, which occasionally distracts him from his duties. He is described as jovial, but sometimes his unlying tongue gets a little too sharp for his own good.

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Morality & Philosophy

Araleth has great hatred towards evil and uses his light to guide and aid the good and innocent while smiting the wicked. His determination can make him quite reckless, especially when fighting off evil is conserned.

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Personality Characteristics

Virtues & Personality perks

Due to his curious nature, and jovial and outgoing personality, Araleth is great at making friends and gathering information and distributing it generously. His inability to lie causes him problems, he is good at keeping secrets and making riddles to protect information that shouldn't leak out to anyone else than few chosen. This also makes him a rather reliable messenger.

Araleth is described as loyal, dutiful and generally trustworthy.

Vices & Personality flaws

While often deliverer of messages, even divination, Araleth is no diviner. Thus, all information he gives is the truth as he knows it, and information can be incomplete or his source might be false without him knowing it. In quite a few myths others have tried to use this against him or those depending on him, as well as trying to make him spill out truths he wasn't meant to share.

Araleth is also described to have a bit short temper and being distracted by his whims. This has caused quite a few arguments amongst the divinity and caused obstacles for him as he has delivered messages and a short detour has delayed him getting to his destination.


Family Ties

Divine Classification
God of Starlight
Chaotic good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Prince of Stars
The Twilight Rider
Glowing, golden
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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