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Restless Winds

Purpose / Function

While the Restless Winds is primarily a tavern, it also rents out rooms to travelers.


There are two doors on the main floor. One leads from the street and into the building. This is the public door. A second door is in the kitchen. It's primarily reserved for deliveries. It's current owner uses it from time to time.   There are two staircases. One leads up to the rental rooms. The other goes down to the cellar.

Sensory & Appearance

The Restless Winds is known for its spiced cider. The herbs and spices Eohr uses scent the air as do various smells of cooking food and wood smoke. Once a week, Eohr bakes herb bread. It's a popular day to visit the tavern.   The furniture is mostly made from wood with a few stone tables.   The main room is lit by oil lamps placed strategically along the walls.


Most of its patrons are lunyari, but humans and shai'then have been known to frequent this establishment. It is unequipped for centauricorns, but this is almost never a problem as there are few of them in the area.   Eohr is assisted by a human man named Khades. He most often works nights so that Eohr can spend the night with his daughter.

Contents & Furnishings

The main tavern room is furnished with tables and chairs. A large hearth is set into the same wall as the door. Part of the floor is left open for dancing.   There is a room on the first floor that is available for rent. A second room is used by its current owner as his private room. It's right up against the kitchen and has its own private latrine. There is also a closed off dining room that can be rented for private functions.   Including Eohr's private latrine, there are a total of 5 latrines in the building.


The outer walls of the building have mostly stayed the same since it's initial construction. A second floor was added in the year 646 after being bought by Alruer of House Sholken. He bought it with the intention of turning it into a tavern.  300 years ago, the owner--Vytris of House Nikko--expanded the kitchen.  It's current owner bought it nearly 20 years ago. The first thing he did was replace the windows as they were no longer functional as proper windows. He upgraded the stable to accommodate mounts as well as beasts of burden.



The building presently known as Restless Winds has been there almost as long as itself. It hasn't always been a tavern. Over the centuries, it has been home to shrines (before the temples were built), bakeries, shops, and more than a few taverns and hostels.   Before Eohr bought it, it was a tavern known as the Rancid Spoon.
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