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Rulers of Steel [Krakat ar Umgi]


Dwarves are divided into rigid honour clans that they are sworn into once they acquire a profession. Individual towns and cities ([Karans] and [Karuns]) are run by a primary clan which is vetoed by a council of the heads of the smaller clans. This extends to the top of society where the head of the top clan (Tharan ak Narint) is vetoed by the heads of each primary clan as such each settlement over 20,000 members has a councillor. As of the moment there are six members on the Council of Crowns [Garat ar Narint]. The clan chosen to have their head as mayor for each town/city is chosen in the Tournament of Arms [Toranak ar Wazak] which occurs every 50 years and consists of a number of competitions chosen by the vetoing council.

Public Agenda

The council's aims change depending on the heads that form it but generally dwarves are highly conservative and the government works to maintain tradition and ensure the relative independence of each settlement. They are currently suffering a state of paralysis in regards to the increasing population which has lead many disillusioned young dwarves to leave their homeland and become adventurers.


Economy, overwhelming. Raw resources, superior. Population, moderate. Technology, superior. Unity, limited. Army, superior. Equipment, superior. Navy, none. Airforce, none. Fortifications, overwhelming.


Long after the creation of the world from the swirling abyss, the Titans swiftly grew bored and in their boredom they bickered and warred. At the end of this war the Titans slew one another in a final cataclysmic battle known as the Titan Sundering. The shattered Titans became the Gods of today whilst the vast release of magic upon their death's breathed life into the planet. Here the tale of the dwarves begins, haematite given life. The Rulers of Steel (RoS) first formed when the dwarves spawned in the Steel Peaks gathered in hunter gatherer tribes which evolved into the clan system of today as the tribes gathered into larger settlements. The council system was established due comparable power of each tribe. Around the year 1400 PS (Post Sundering) Lorgramar the Stout leader of Karun Ismeer unified the various settlements of Steel Peaks under his banner due to protecting his Karun's food supply from a blight that almost starved the dwarves out of the mountains. As the only settlement with a stable food supply Karun Ismeer subsumed the others. The next 200 years

Born of Steel [Bundi ar Umgi]

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Alternative Names
Iron Mongers (Humans), Stone Pigs [Therec Butanos] (Elves)
Steel Born [Umgi Bundi]

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