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In Melphazor each living being be they dwarf, man, beast or tree are are marked by one of the gods at their birth. This mark's position and shape depends on the god in question with some gods marking their beloved internally. The mark often grants the marked magical properties in their god's field of expertise such as the marked of Meltor, The Deceiver, whose very mark is concealed as a different mark by skin deep illusions. The marked doesn't have to use the gifts of their mark but they can reject their god by striking their mark from their skin and even choose another by marking themselves though it is a gamble as to whether the new god chooses to bless you. The pantheon of gods itself is vast and gifts varied to the point where many gods are practically unheard of in entire kingdoms as such strange prophets wander the lands covered from head to toe in an ever shifting tapestry of marks representing the blessing of all the gods, they are the Everchosen. Most consider the Everchosen strange mayhaps even dangerous but few know their true value as they are the only ones who know all the gods and can determine the mark of those internally marked without disembowelment. Recently, the dwarf holds of Steel Peak experienced a massive population spike and they simply cannot mine fast enough as such many young dwarves find there is nowhere to live. This has lead to mass emigrations of the stout folk into the low lying lands nearby feeding into the growing turmoil in the region. Tensions between the groups are building all the while distracting from the various threats posed by necromancers, cultists, conspiracies and more.