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Oridie Brew

Written by Shade_Drezin

The Oridie brew, most often referred to simply as a Morning Brew, is an Elven concoction derived from the plant known as Mythrathil's Gift, a flowering ivy that grows in the upper reaches of the Metsa Diell Forest. It is a light minty green color with small and few black specks that has a pleasant bitter sweet fruity aroma that is highly desired by elven culture. It is sold all across elven lands along side coffee based beverages imported from the Shalin Isles.

It is made by fully harvesting the plant, taking the berries and roasting the pits of them, these "bean" are then milled and the milled bean is then sprinkled over the flower, from there the bean and the flower is brewed in a often ceremonious kettle. The brew is then served in a ceramic mug that is often styled with carvings of vines and flowers, representing and honoring where the drink came from. Some venders offer for those who purchase the brew to bring their own container in case they are in a rush that morning.


The Oridie Brew originally was used by clerics of Mythrathil in holy rites and prayer but once its effects became widely known it quickly became a widely demanded drink and is prized by Elven culture. It is even prized by the High Elves even though it is something the came from their often disliked relatives, the wood elves. If you ever ask a High Elf why this is the exception they would simply answer with something along the lines of "Even savages can get lucky and do something meaningful every couple hundred years"

It was discovered first by the Wood Elves when they noticed that some birds would get bursts of unknown energy and literally fly until they died. Upon further investigation, they discovered the flowering ivy in the tree tops where sun was plentiful. The birds who consumed the berries from these flowers would go into a state of panic and as mentioned earlier, move at alarming speeds and ultimately die. A few curious brewers and alchemists wondered if that power could be harnessed safely, this began a year long study into the plant which lead to the early brewing guilds that capitalized on their new invention. The Oridie Brew.


Rarity: Common in the lands and cities of the elves and the Shalin Isles but uncommon to rare outside of that depending on distance
Item Type: Drink/Consumable
Effect: The Oridie Brew wakes the body and gives it an incredible burst of energy. When drank it can wake those under effects such as the sleep spell and allows for one to momentarily push them selves physically. Within an hour of drinking this beverage you may dash once as a bonus action.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

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