Myrrliath / Nana Myrra

Nana Myrra, everyone's mother

  Everyone on the south of Toney Hill knows Nana Myrra, the owner and proprietor of The Silver Dragon pub. Appearing as a matronly human woman in her late fifties, she mothers everyone, from the children playing in the square to their mothers doing the shopping, from the shopkeepers and labourers coming in for an evening drink or two to the toothless grandfathers in their regular corner, even the young toughs in the Dragonets. In her gentle way she invites both confidences and gossip, and there is little going on that escapes her. She seems to have always been there.   She hasn't quite been there for ever, but for most of the inhabitants of Akorros, that might as well be almost true. Her real name is Myrrliath, and she is a silver dragon who for most of the last 150 years has based herself in Akorros in the appropriately named Place of the Silver Dragon, having owned The Silver Dragon pub, throughout that time and turned it into the social hub it is now.  

Looking after the city

  She is more than just an innkeeper, though. In many ways she is the reason the general inhabitants of Akorros survive the depradations of the lawless underbelly and grasping upper classes of the city. She uses the information she gets from her many motherly chats to find out who is struggling, who has is on the breadline, who has lost their livelhood or had it taken from them. And then she arranges for them to receive some sort of help.   She is helped in this by an unseen army of helpers who live in and around the sewers beneath the city. 143 years ago she came across a young albino kobold who had been evicted from its clan for fear of its odd look. She took the kobold in, brought it to Akorros, and established it in an abandoned warren beneath the streets of the city. Over the next years she found and took in more albino kobolds, establishing a full warren of them, and they have flourished since.   She has not only built these kobolds up into a thriving warren beneath the streets of Akorros, she has also changed their nature and forged them into a force for good. She has created The Ghost Kobolds of Akorros, and they are the unseen workers who actually bring the help to the unfortunate.   She has also created the superstition around the unseen helpers subtly encouraged leaving parcels out for luck, thereby effectively setting up the general populace as a mutual aid society. Her network of gossip allows her to find out who has been causing problems, damaged or stolen honest workers items, and so both arrange punishment for the miscreant and in many cases actually direct her Ghost Kobolds to retrieve and return the stolen goods. No-one now attaches the superstition or the retribution to her personally, but everyone is aware of the potential, and it keeps a check on general nastiness and exploitation of the workers.
Current Location
Year of Birth
219 AC 779 Years old


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Master Brinsmead
Caitlin Phillips
8 Jul, 2020 22:19

This is such a lovely backstory to the creation of the Ghost Kobolds. What an incredible force for good Nana Myrra is. This has made me smile!

Cait x