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Member of the UDSA

The Hksri (/ħqs̩ʁ̤y̤/) are an intimidating but generally friendly member of the Unified Deep Space Administration.

Basic Information


Hksri are close to humans in overall body plan, but typically take a very hunched over posture, making them of comparable height to humans even though they would be significantly taller when fully upright.   The head of the Hksri is somewhat elongated vertically and slopes back towards the top, with semi-compound eyes capable of only sideways movement of the individual segments running down four lines across the face. These eyes feature an unusually high number of seven bands of color receptors.   Another distinctive feature are their hands, having four fingers with five joints each and a very high range of motion.   Hksri have mottled gray skin with some vestigial patches of scales on their heads and arms. The scale patches take different colors and shapes, the most common colors being dark blues and purples and the most common shape being small areas above and below the eyes as well as on the lower arms.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Hksri languages generally feature extreme consonant clustering and are usually spoken in a whispered tone primarily. This leads to them often being perceived as unsettling by humans, especially along with the Hksri's appearance. The most commonly spoken Hksri language is Zqescfr.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Hksri are known as artists, particularly in fields of visual art such as sculpting and holography. The Hksri homeworld is known for hosting the largest holographic motion display in the UDSA, the Ps'cqr Festival, every (local) year. EDF uniforms have also been designed and primarily manufactured by the Hksri for several generations of designs.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Due to their general friendliness and sensitive nature, Hksri are generally liked by most other species in the UDSA. They do however face discrimination from some groups (particularly among humans) who find their appearance unsettling, calling them "ghouls" or other similar derogatory terms.
120-135 earth years
Average Height
1.6-2m; 2.5-3.2m when fully upright

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