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The Vuker

The Vuker is the strongest group out in the Wild (the expanse of area that includes newly discovered, unclaimed territories and weak governments). They control several of the biggest corporations in Megalodis, which in turn control the asteroid mining, trading, and explosives industries. They have an anonymous leader called the Wook, and follow the Code of Crooks, stating that everybody acts for money and does not interfere with other Vukes making money.   As the greatest minds and leaders of Megalodis came from the Wild, many suspected that those people actually came from the Vuker, and it is the Wook's wish to infiltrate the largest governments in Megalodis. It was rumoured that Edward Lillier, Grand Supreme Commander of the Military of the Pristine Union, is actually the Wook. Other suspected Vukes in the Civilization include Cadence, contract killer; Queen Helen of Athemia, who established the Reign of Athemia quite recently; Aaron Kode, scholar and flying ace.   The Vuker has not claimed any official territory, but does inhabit the abandoned systems of the Legionnaire and Chariot sectors of the Roma region. Around 10 systems, known unofficially as Colony Grandum, although far from the Civilization, are the safest and most prosperous of the Wild. The Colony is also the biggest trade hub outside the Civilization, and is the largest black market in existence.   The Vuker has neither territory nor offices on Socurs III, the center of the Civilization, Megalodis, and the Universe, making it not an official nation or a legal organization, but a handful of governments have relations with it due to the influence it has within the Civilization.   The atmosphere within the Vuker have been described as a brotherhood. As they accept anybody with or without a good record, many orphans are usually dumped in front of their doorstep every year. The Vuker gives opportunity to those who are talented, and as people are always living together, learning together, training together, there usually are deep bonds between all Vukes.   Attempts have been made to reduce the power of the Vuker by different politicians and rulers. The first one in recorded history is made by Empress Anita of Stratus, who led an army of destroyers into Vuker fortifications. The bloody war resulted in the death of the Empress and the marked the start of the Eliminus Revolution. Interestingly, Empress Anita exiled two of her sons, Lenny and Grover. Lenny was the one that defended against his mother's attacks, and later became Emperor; Grover was only nine when he was exiled along his brother, and after 20 years of living as a Vuke, he pioneered the Eliminus Revolution and died doing so; Grover's only daughter, Cassie, became the third president of the Eliminus Republic, and later the creator of the Cassiopeia Federation.   The latest suggestion to reduce the Vuker's power was made by the late Alcus Senator Sean Hidaki. He proposed a bill to make Vukes illegal in the Pristine Union, and the bill actually passed narrowly 67-64. He was murdered two days later on Socurs III by Cadence.   As of right now, the Governance of Eliminus wishes to leave the Pristine Union, and with the Stratus District of Sagittarius and Cassiopeia Territories, become separate nations again but united under a new Pact. They have asked the Vuker for help, and the Wook has replied that he will be personally involved in the matter.


Wook > Vukes

Public Agenda

To make money. Do not interfere with making money. Brotherhood.


The Vuker Patrol Colony Grandum Control over Legionnaire
Illicit, Syndicate
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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