Justice Inc Grand Hall of Justice & Reality Show Studio

HALT, CITIZEN!   You are entering a restricted area that is under construction. Please turn around.   Thank you!  
Lights, camera, execution!  
— Episode 5 of Executainment Executive
  The Grand Hall of Justice is an enormous, roughly octagonal structure of uneven height, which makes it look like it's been built in parts by a bored giant. The first few floors have all the trappings of its illustrious, original purpose, while the floors above are increasingly dedicated to either filming, reality shows, or even game show. It's crowned by a halo of antennas and extensions, both for streaming the legal shenanigans within the building and to give game contestants something to swing from.   Once law enforcements was privatized, it wasn't too long before some executive started talking about synergistic integration and cross-platform fertilization, which roughly translated into "lets sell the whole thing as entertainment". The Justice Inc Megacorp are pioneers in the field and other law-corps are struggling to catch up with their innovations and utter lack of empathy.    

Courtroom Drama

The public has a right to know, right? And if they want to bet on the outcome, why not let 'em?  
— Justice Inc Spokesperson
  Besides the usual boring stuff like offices, court rooms, grief counsilors at affordable rates, and holding cells, the Grand Hall bristles with studios for game shows, reality TV filming, or other entertainment venues. They've recently begun to experiment with making a sort of theme-park ride out of the death row sections of prisons, similar to the very successful 'Slammer' Supermax Prison & Resort. Then there's the executions, either performed in sound-proofed rooms or on wacky gameshow type sets, only the audience gets to bid on who lives and who dies.   Executainment has become big business in Megacorpolis, harkening back to the days of public hangings and bloody spectacle, only now it gets multi-million production budgets and a live audience to go with it. Some even feature a sort of "last chance to live" scenario, where the convict could potentially go free if they survive the obviously rigged obstacle course... And if the Corp really holds its word.  
Of course, it wouldn't do if there wasn't any drama. Justice Inc on occasion features the scenario were a scrappy underdog manages to win some sort of tournament and walk away with their freedom, a brand new car, and all that. More often than not, the 'convict' is a plant and a Justice Inc employee, but some producers like to use the 'real deal' for authencity.

Justice Inc

The largest Law-Corp around, Justice Corp is a Megacorp with its foundation in law-enforcements for sale. They've diversified a lot since then, dabbling in everything from weapon manefacturing to cloning.   At present date, the core of Justice Inc's business remains its policing and the entertainment they create from it. They run everything from the cops to the court to the prison, and they make sure to squeeze every bit of money they can from every step of the way.


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