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The Northern Continent

The land of dragons, humans, and equids

A vast landmass populated by three of the mortal races, the northern continent is a land characterised by its variety. From soaring mountains to sweeping plains, to ancient forests, to glittering deserts, the land is as variable as the people inhabiting it. A massive mountain range splits the continent nearly in half, its peaks piercing even the highest clouds. To the east lay the horselands, ruled by roving herds and expansive empires. To the west lay the kingdoms of humans and dragons. The northern continent is a land rich in resources, and one that has seen as much conflict as it has peace.
Alternative Name(s)
Gwefleidda (in Rhynoddach), Gwevleidha (in Lledhaneg)
Included Locations
Related Ethnicities
Inhabiting Species

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