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Brave, dutiful, devoted to mortals, Thårra is beloved by all dragons. She is the one most invoked for protection and comfort, and the one most likely to come to a mortal's aid. With feathers red as the blood shed by her enemies and eyes the colour of the storms that follow her, she is an instantly recognisable figure.

Divine Domains

Thårra is associated with thunder, lightning, storms, fertility, agriculture, hallowing, sacred groves and trees, strength, war, and the protection of mortals.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Thårra is symbolised by lightning, in particular by her magical hammer made of storm and lightning.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Thårra, among all the gods, has the highest sense of duty, not only to her fellow gods, but to the mortals who worship her. She strives to protect the world from the forces of chaos and destruction and to protect mortals from those forces.


Family Ties

  • Thårra is the daughter of Odwyna
Divine Classification
Dragon God
Current Location

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