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Dragons of the North

The feathered dragons of the north, capable of flying thousands of miles with only a few flaps of the wing, once struck fear into the hearts of mortal races at the mere sight of their long-winged shadows. As children of the ancient Svanling Empire, they have a long and proud history, punctuated by many periods of strife and conflict. Nowadays, the Svanling are known as great messengers and travellers, connecting even the most distant parts of the continent as they fly.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Anlav, Asdis, Astrið, Aðalbjorg, Adhild, Bjorga, Burghild, Böthild, Brynhild, Brynja, Dagmar, Dagnyr, Dagrun, Eidis, Friða, Grimhild, Gunnhild, Hjordis, Lliva, Iðunn, Jårunn, Meghild, Regna, Reghild, Signyr, Sigrun

Masculine names

Agmund, Asbjorn, Aðalstän, Bjorni, Brynjarr, Busk, Dagg, Enllev, Enarr, Eysig, Gudbrand, Gunnvald, Herkyn, Halstän, Halvarð, Ornveð, Röthvald, Rötharr, Röthrik, Huglläk, Regnarr, Sigstän, Sigvarð, Yrvarr

Unisex names

Agarr, Agi, Ari, Brand, Egjarr, Egji, Gär, Hala, Hamming, Heilgi, Megni, Megnyr, Orn, Ravn, Stigand, Jarling

Family names

Svanling dragons typically use patronymics, appending -sun (son) or -dåttir (daughter) to the end of the father's name. Additionally, the Svanling will include their mother's name after their own name. Thus, Gunvarr daughter of Grimhild and Rötharr would be 'Gonnarr Grimhild Rötharrsdåttir'.


Major language groups and dialects

Svanrod is the main language spoken by the Svanling, although many will also speak Ðiotisk, particularly those Svanling who are well-travelled. Dalrod, spoken to the south, is closely related to Svanrod, and considered by some to be a dialect of Svanrod, rather than a separate language. The term 'Svanrod' is also often used as an umbrella term to refer to all languages spoken by the feathered dragons.

Common Etiquette rules

Hospitality is a major part of Svanling culture and is offered to all travellers regardless of status. Guests are, in turn, expected to be appreciative and return the gift of hospitality, either in the form of gifts to the host or the promise of providing hospitality to the host in the future. Life in the mountains is tough — the kindness of strangers could easily be all that stands between a traveller and a cold death.

Art & Architecture

The Svanling make their homes in the peaks of the northern mountains, constructing great terraces upon which to found settlements and farms. Buildings and dwellings tend to be of dry-stone construction and are usually built into the mountains themselves.
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