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A grey-feathered dragon with a single, piercing blue eye, Odwyna is the goddess of war, of sovereignty, of wisdom. With an insatiable desire for knowledge, she is known to frequent the mortal realms in search of answers, travelling under countless disguises and using countless names. Many noble lines claim descent from her, and the best and most skilled of warriors claim her as their patron. But she is far from the most benevolent of deities—she is the one who causes battle-madness and can provoke even the most peaceful of dragons to violence.

Divine Domains

Odwyna is generally associated with sovereignty, outlaws, wisdom, knowledge, death, war, battle, battle-frenzy, victory, poetry, and magic.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

In artwork and iconography, Odwyna is typically portrayed as a grey-feathered, one-eyed dragon, often accompanied by two giant ravens, Hügen and Menen. Ravens are thus to be considered sacred animals, and it is forbidden to harm them.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Above all, Odwyna desires knowledge. She is known to wander the mortal realm in various disguises in search of knowledge, often making great sacrifices to do so. She is also always on the hunt for the most skilled warriors, ones that she can welcome into the Hall of Valour upon their death.


Family Ties

  • Odwyna is the mother of Thårra
Divine Classification
Dragon God
Current Location

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