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Described as the most beautiful of the dragon gods, with feathers the colour of spun gold, speckled through with warm amber, and eyes a rich dark brown, Frij is the deity of love, of passion, and of magic. They are among the more benevolent of the gods, often invoked for healing, bringing good luck, or blessing an enterprise. They are the patron of those dragons who practice the fearsome and powerful magic of shäð, a tradition that involves prophecy, blessing, and curses in equal amounts.

Divine Domains

Frij is associated with beauty, love, fertility, wealth, shäð (dragonic soothsaying magci), weaving, gold, and war.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Frij is most often represented by distaffs and spindles, relating to their association with weaving. They are also represented by a glowing gold and amber menyrk (a special necklace made of a thick band of metal), called the Brishmenyrk, which they are always portrayed as wearing. Frij is often accompanied by their two cave lions, Skaða and Lagi.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

It is said that Frij knows the fate of all beings in both the realm of the gods and the mortal realm. When meddling in the affairs of mortals, it is often because they seek to either ensure fate takes its course, or to change someone's destiny, and thus avoid a terrible disaster.
Divine Classification
Dragon God

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