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A proud people from the green, rainy islands to the west, the Enisirrans consider themselves to be the true inheritors to the legacy of Boudica Rig√ľnartara, the founder of the Rhynodd people. With a long history that reaches across the continent, they are a vibrant and vivacious people known for being explorers, travellers, where great artists and poets and revolutionaries are born.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Aencan, Bleiddara, Bouda, Brancar, Branmar, Cadoch, Caroch, Delawen, Driglwr, Euarant, Euaryn, Galon, Gultiaryn, Gwin, Gwingal, Gworan, Hiarwen, Hiddaryn, Lawiaryn, Maela, Yscemael

Masculine names

Aenmynoc, Arthmael, Bedof, Berthal, Boudolech, Cadadd, Caddlyf, Cathwor, Delidd, Dreal, Dremynoc, Euloc, Gwalloch, Gwimael, Holencath, Mael, Mattoch, Matynoc, Rioch

Unisex names

Ariant, Art, Arthes, Boudal, Cadwalar, Catnem, Eudan, Galrich, Hycath, Lawecat, Lawetan, Maelloch, Maelcar, Tangal

Family names

Like all Rhynodd, the Enisirrans are very proud of their familial relations. When meeting another Rhynodd, especially one from Enisirra, the custom is often to go through several generations of ancestry, usually ending with some common link. Although Enisirrans can claim membership to a specific clan, they usually go by matronymics, with the mother's name following maff (son) or merch (daughter). Thus, Hycath merch Arthes is Hycath daughter of Arthes.


Major language groups and dialects

Rhynoddach is a term used to refer to the languages of the Rhynodd in general. More specifically, Enisirran is language spoken by those from the Enisirran islands, distinct from the Lledhaneg dialects of the continent.

Art & Architecture

Early in the history of Enisirra, structures were built from wood. However, a combination of the scarcity of timber and threat of dragonfire led the Enisirrans to turn to stone for construction. Dwellings tend to be small, one or two room structures built to shelter from the elements and conserve heat. Fortified structures take the form of ringforts and are usually built as status symbols, places of refuge, administrative centres, or royal residences.

Historical figures

  • Boudica Rig√ľnartara - honoured as the ancestress of the Rhynodd people, the one who led the Rhynodd to the Enisirran islands
  • Bleilladdur Demonsbane - the one who won independence for the Rhynodd and ended the Svanling Empire


Beauty Ideals

For most Enisirrans, their hair is very important to their outward appearance. All genders wear their hair long, usually braided or tied back, usually with various charms, beads, or other decorations woven into the strands. Men typically grow their beards long and style them like the rest of their hair.
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