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april 11, year 4814

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An unknown planet as earth but 5 times larger, in this planet there's two realities the first one is the physical reality, in this we can found three great divisions, Start, Judgement and End; start is the dark place where all begun, the place were demons recite. Judgement is the place where the souls of intelligent living coming from the physical reality goes after their death to be judged by their actions in live, this one also divides in four sections, justice, paradise, nothing and punishment; justice is the judgement room in where there are the three judges, one human, one demon and one angel, they judge the souls and send them to the place they must be. Paradise is the place where souls of people who did good things in life go, these souls disappear eventually but at a very lower speed than the souls of nothing and some souls of punishment. Nothing is the part of judgement where the souls of people that didn't do good or bad things either go, these souls, same as paradise souls, disappear eventually but at a higher speed than paradise souls. Punishment is the place where the souls of people who did bad things in their lives go, it is a true hell where souls pay for their actions depending on their sentence, some souls never leave there and others disappear with time, it depends how much wrong they have done.   The last place that was created in this reality is the End, the luminous place where all angels lives and also is the place where the gods of the world recite, the legends says that is also the place where all must end.   The creatures in this reality are called "Astrals" because they exist but not at the same way that living things on physic reality does.     The physical reality is the "principal" place where all living beings exist, the planet itself, has two continents; the first is a massive continent known as "the centre of the world" and the second is smaller than the first. The massive continent is led by a great empire that controls it almost entirely, except for a lake created in the middle of the continent by the fall of a meteorite, in this lake there is also an archipelago formed by five large islands, in each there is a Kingdom, which are completely independent of the empire. The second continent is rich in biodiversity and culture, but is less advanced in industry and science than the largest, is divided into 14 official and independent kingdoms and two small empires. In this reality, a small part of the population has the ability to control some attributes of nature.   There are 12 powers; Light, fire, fauna, flora, lightning, earth, sound, ice, metal, water, death and wind. At the time of born all intelligent livings have a 5% chance of born having one of these powers in all the world, but in the archipelago there's a 15% chance, also the people that lives in the archipelago, have powers or not, are 5% better in every stat (speed, resistance...) than the other people, is the main reason of why the empire does not have it under its power.


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