The Darkness of Kasta

Plot points/Scenes

  • Ulious Seyn  the old butcher of Kasta is found slain within his store in a brutal, gruesome way.


A mysterious murder takes place in the city of Kasta. The brutality of the killing is enough to trigger rumors, fears, conspiracies and old prejudice to the Kastian people, who live in a remote city surrounded by wild nature and long nights.



Η Κάστα είναι μια μικρή κωμόπολη της Εξεριανής αυτοκρατορίας. Παρόλο το μικρό της μέγεθος ωστόσο, θεωρείται ένα σημαντικό σταυροδρόμι, καθώς ενώνει την Εξέρια με τον αληθινό βορρά και κατά έναν τρόπο, τον παλιό κόσμο με τον νέο, μιας και η Κάστα κάποτε, άνηκε στους Γκράλιους, δηλαδή, τους Φεγγαρογέννητους λαούς που ζούσαν σε αρμονία στα δάση και την ύπαιθρο, πριν την επέκταση της Εξέρια καιν Πόλεμο των Βασιλιάδων.


  • A Gralian Veteran and his plan of revenge against the people of Exeria.



  • Stop the murders in Kasta and bring the murderer to justice.


  • The murderer is a war veteran whose house was destroyed and family were slaughtered.
  • The murder is using steroids to boost his strength and endurance.
  • Many people will suspect the Verun that lived in the castles, or even the old mansion, for they have a history of cruelty.


  • The murderer has the support of many locals, especially Gralian people who were hurt by the Exerian expansion.
Plot type
Chapter 1: Northern Whispers

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