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Ümbria's nimble and wise race of mages, rangers, and druids

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

High Elves: Lighter skin tones, usually taller than Humans, tall pointed ears, straight hair, blonde/brown/black hair color.   Wood Elves: Mid range skin tone/tanned, usually the same or shorter than Humans, pointed ears, brown/black hair color.   Dark Elves: Grayish skin tones, usually the same height as Humans, tall pointed ears, straight hair, white/gray/black hair color.   Snow Elves: Light (almost white in some) skin tones, usually the same height as Humans, pointed ears, curly hair, blonde/white hair color.   Sun Elves: Draker skin tones, usually the same or taller than Humans, pointed ears, dark hair color.

Growth Rate & Stages

Live for around 400 - 500+ years. 5 stages of life: 0-9 baby, 10-19 child, 20-99 young adult, 100-349 adult, 350+ elder. (all in years)

Ecology and Habitats

High Elves: High Elves typically live in large ornate cities on Ümbria's surface. High Elves tand to stick close to or within these cities (often seeing going into the outside world as beneath their race) but many High Elves have left and made contact as well as allies with many kingdoms of Humans.   Wood Elves: Wood Elves tend to live in deep, heavily wooded areas such as forests or jungles. Many tribes of wood elves build interconected wooden cities within the forest/jungle canopy.   Dark Elves: Dark Elves typically live in stone cities based within the Underdark. These cities can made from cut stone or simply hollowed out rock structures found in the Underdark.   Snow Elves: Snow Elves live in in cold and snowy climates ranging from mountains to tundra and some even have lived on the Northern/Southern Wastes.   Sun Elves: Sun Elves live in very arid climates such as deserts and barren valleys.

Additional Information

Social Structure

High Elves: High Elves have many kingdoms across Ümbria with grand cities as there capitals. Some Elf kingdoms are ruled by a king/monarch with other being run by a ruling council. High Elves tend to look down on other races, even other Elf types, but will do business with non-Elves as trade between High Elves and Humans is highly profitable as Humans will pay much to obtain rare and beautify Elven items (weapons, armor, trinkets, clothing, furniture, books, potions, etc.). While some High Elf groups use the non-Elf races for profit, others choose to seperate and keep seperated from the other races. Many High Elves worship Selûne and Lathander.   Wood Elves: Many wood elves are primarily hunter-gatherers with strong bond with nature and their tribe. These elves live together in heavily wooded areas such as forests or jungles. Most groups of Wood Elves have constructed and live in tree-top villages with larger groups building wooden cities within the forest/jungle canopy. These Wood Elf tribes are usually structured around a single or group of elder elves who make the larger decisions for the tribe. Most Wood Elves, like High Elves, try to avoid unnecessary contact with non-Elf races. There are a handful of Wood Elf tribes that live near/with other races whether for trade, security, or even political reasons. It is more common for a tribe of Wood Elves to be allied/friendly with a town or village of foreigners than a large city. Many Wood Elves worship Silvanus or Chauntea.   Dark Elves: Dark Elves (aka Drow) are found underneath Ümbria's surface in the large sprawling, interconnected network of caverns and caves known by surface dwellers as The Underdark. The Underdark does connect to the surface but these connections are few and far between as well as being quite difficult to find. Even so, Dark Elves almost universaly hate the surface dwelling races and aim to one day take back the surface for th glory of Shar. If the Drow cannot conquer the surface, they aim to destroy it from below, how this would be achieved is still uncertain. Over the centuries Dark Elves have built many extremely large underground cities reaching for miles in all directions making some the size of some surface countries. These cities each have their own unique structures of government. One aspect of these cities that is present through out the Underdark is the Church of Shar. The Church of Shar and its members are usually seen to be above any standing form of government even by said forms of government. The Church acts as the overarching governmental body, discribing Shar's wishes and carrying them out when need be. Seeing as nearly all Dark Elves worship Shar, almost exclusively and fanatically, it is easy to see why almost everything the Drow do is in service of Shar. Many of the practices the Drow employ in order to honor Shar could be found by many of the surface races as "improper, obscene, and/or immoral." Snow Elves:   Sun Elves:

Facial characteristics

Tall pointed ears. Tall / long faces. Pronounced cheekbones. Thin eyebrows. Very little facial hair, if any.

Geographic Origin and Distribution


Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Common, Elvish


The Dark Elves were once High Elves and lived on the surface as well as worshiped the gods of light as did the other High Elves. The group now known as Dark Elves started off as a splinter faction of High Elves who began to worship Shar over her brother and sister Lathander and Selûne. Normaly this would not have been much of an issue but these Shar worshipers soon began to steal from and sabotage the church of Lathander and Selûne. When Lathander and Selûne became aware of this issue they branded these Elves as Dark Elves (this also causes them to feel pain when in Sun / Moonlight) and banished them and their lineages to live the The Underdark.

One of the many races created by the gods to populate Ümbria.
400 - 500 years
Average Height
5' 7" - 6' 5"
Average Weight
150-220lbs. male. 110-160lbs. female.
Average Physique
Lean but muscular. Thinner than Humans on average.

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19 May, 2019 04:42

A great primer to my favorite fantasy race. You've done well. There's a spelling error under 'facial characteristics'. It should be 'Very little facial hair, if any'.   Otherwise, this was quite the wonderful read. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

19 May, 2019 06:40

Thank you!! I will say, I have not fully fleshed out my Elves as much as I want. When I started making the races I knew generally what I wanted from each and no idea for others so some of the races got basic place-holder text for the time being while I worked on other things. This article is next in line for additions / finishing I literally opened the tab today in prep for working on it when I get a chance lol (I have a bunch of tabs for things I need to do / reference and I close them as I work through them hahaha)

19 May, 2019 07:15

That is exactly what i'm doing. I recommend just jotting down the ideas you have, then revisiting them as you work through other ideas. For example, you may want to add a snow village of Elves, and this article will help you form it. But then the snow village will also help you flesh out this article. I consider articles like stone, and I am the sculptor chipping away.