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Ümbria (OOm-BREE-uh). The world contains 4 main continents plus the Northern and Southern Wastes which are the polar ice caps of the planet. Ümbria is an ancient world with many secrets, peoples, and stories lost to time. The mortal races of the world (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, etc.) worship the pantheon of gods for special boons and powers, usually known as magic or miracles, that can only be given by said gods to those they deem worthy of notice. The gods and goddesses of this universe watch over the mortal races with differing emotions ranging from curiosity to love to distain. Over the years the mortal races have created great civilizations and caused even greater disasters with both leaving lasting effects on the generations to come. Everything created and destroyed, everyone born and dead, has led up to present day in Ümbria known as The Mortal Age, an age of endless possibilities for good and evil alike.  
The world of Ümbria is heavily inspired by the Forgotten Realms (Which is only fitting since this world started out as a D&D setting for me and my friends) so many of the gods and goddesses as well as much of the basic world lore is very similar to those found within the Forgotten Realms.