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Dark Elf

Dark Elves are a sub-race of Ishanelve that carry mutated genetics, due to prolonged exposure to necromancy magic. Their mutations include darker and 'lifeless' looking skin, bright purple eyes and often, though not always, cases of psychological defects such as sociopathy or disassociation disorders.   They originally descended directly from the High Elves, but different lineages exist, including the Dark Elves from Slost that fall under mutated Green Elves.   Dark Elves were mainly driven out from their original homelands from other elves due to fear, distrust and as a punishment of studying forbidden magics. Since then, the Dark Elf people had waged Dark War on the rest of Mayhaos underneath the dictator Celath Starfallen, who swore an oath on behalf of all her people to the Forgotten God Yogsauros. Although Queen Celath was defeated by the Creature of Mayhem and her military effort squashed, the majority of Dark Elves still follow the Forgotten Pantheon since their arrival in Mayhaos, holding many leadership positions in the newly formed Children of the Forgotten.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The majority of Dark Elves can be found in desert countries, though a population of them also dwell on small islands, favouring marshland.

Average Intelligence

Dark Elves are incredibly smart, naturally having a mind especially for plotting and deception. They are handicapped only by their various psychological defects, such as likeability to become obsessive or even go insane.

Civilization and Culture

Relationship Ideals

Now prideful and reliant of their defects, Dark Elves very rarely breed outside of their own race. To keep their genetics strong and bloodline 'pure', many Dark Elves also choose to engage in incestuous relationships and marriages.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Average Height
6'9" feet. There isn't often a difference, on average, between men and women.
Average Physique
Dark Elven men are often very tall and thin, with sharp features. Their women are known to be quite curvy and busty, and are revered as a gender for these features, which they highlight.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
One of the most notable genetic traits of the Dark Elves is the mutation of their skin. Dark Elves have what is labelled by other elven species as 'dead skin', their tint ranging from light grey to black.
Related Ethnicities

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