"'Acquired Resistance to Magical Restoration Syndrome' (ARMRS for short) is one of the odd conditions prevalent among not only those on the Materium but also the Sentients located on other planes of existence. Little is known about the disease, but from what I have gathered, it seems as if the body itself has limits on the overall energy it can take in. Even that, the amounts show little correlation between those even closely related. More research is needed in order to fully understand why the gods have limited us so..."
— Carter Grandstaff, A Complete Guide to the Realm - Vol.2

Transmission & Vectors

ARMRS is a non-transmittable condition. Those inflicted with the disease have no known possibility of transferring it on. However, the opposite does seem to be common. Those in close proximity to other Sentients with this condition appear to obtain ARMRS at a reduced rate as compared to that of separate populations. Furthermore, Sentients that deal with massive amounts of magical energy acquire the condition at near-zero rates. This is due to their constant use and discharge of energy stores within their bodies and prevents the buildup that leads to this affliction.


All sources cite that Acquired Resistance to Magical Restoration Syndrome appears in those who endure extensive amounts of Magical healing and surpass their body's natural limit of Leviant Energy. Minor restoration spells seem to impact progression towards this condition the least, while large-scale spells such as resurrection and curing of near-death conditions add more towards the inevitable countdown of acquisition.
Restoration Magic, along with other forms and methods of Arcane recovery work by bending the direct energy of the Leviance and breathing it into a living being. Each Sentient, and by extension Mechina-Born along with other living creatures, act as a container of energy. Once this container overflows, it becomes impossible to accept more or expel any without risking a violent release. With restorative magic being the most common form used among the common populous, ARMRS stops its effects and prevents healing, in addition to halting other uses of magic. The energy within the body must exit it first, and must do so in a controlled manner to prevent further injury.


The only symptom of ARMRS is the inability to heal from magical sources. Restorative spells along with healing stones; however, potions brewed from plants remain effective due to their encouragement of the body's natural healing methods. Later stages of ARMRS begin with magic energy warping away from the individual, then magical energy excreting profusely, preceding a usually unpleasant and painful death.


There are no known cures that work for all that are affected by ARMRS. For some, magical siphoning curses or stones can help and return the Sentient to normal. Most, however, require true divine intervention or to have it dissipate naturally into the surrounding environment over a long time-span; this dissipation of magical energy often takes years if not decades and requires the complete absence of magic to be effective. The more magical energy present, the longer the dissipation takes.


The most likely condition to follow those who contract ARMRS is death, either from old age of the condition progressing to worse stages. Those inflicted often convert to safer lifestyles in order to avoid instances where magical restoration would be required.

Affected Groups

ARMRS is a condition that only effects the Sentients, most commonly those who lead dangerous lives such as explorers, adventurers, soldiers, guards, and thieves. Animals, Plants, Mechina-Born, and beings from outside The Mechanus are not affected. Half-breeds of Sentients and Mechina-Born have a 50% chance of being able to contract the condition, and thus often live lives with this in mind and attempt to use restorative magic sparingly.


Acquired Resistance to Magical Restoration Syndrome has been documented as a condition plaguing Sentients for the last Twelve-thousand years. Still, it is suspected to have been around for a much longer period. The earliest suspected records date from almost Twenty-thousand years ago and mention soldiers remaining severely wounded after suffering injuries in battle, however, this account is hotly debated within scientific and magical communities.

Cultural Reception

The vast majority of infected served as soldiers or adventurers, and as such, Sentients who suffer through ARMRS are usually praised and revered in society. Those who fake the condition are scrutinized and even occasionally run out of towns.

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