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Eigengrau Worm Eye Replacement


Is able to completely repair and replace one of the most complex mortal organs in the body in an outstandingly cheap process and with a large rate of success. It can also be used to grant dark vision when the worms are transplanted from a capable host to a new host.


The worms are a natural occurrence although rare, and can be found in nature most specifically in the eyes of Hippogriffs and Unicorns.
Access & Availability
The use of the worms for eye replacement has become a closely guarded process in many countries, due to the possible use in granting dark vision to soldiers and mercenaries willing to part with their previous eyes, however research is currently being done in some countries to provide normal eye replacements with the worms however it would be costly. The worms have however already entered the black market and are in high demand.
The process is a simple but brutal one, the implantation is simple enough. It requires only a moment to implant. However, the host must wait a week or more before the worms amass in numbers and eye matter before gouging their own eyes out in order for the process to begin. Once begun the process will take a month before the new eyes mixed with the matter of the previous worm host are created.
Infected at age 12 after helping to clean the eyes of an injured Hippogriff and later rubbing her own, later eye trauma at age 16 caused by a (thankfully poorly cast) Eye-Burning Curse from an upset cousin was unexpectedly reversed as the Eigengrau Worms did what they do best. However, this was not without complications. As the worms had not always been hosted in a human they still carried traces of Hippogriff cells, and Mrs Plasm now sports a frill of feathers around sparrowhawk-yellow eyes.

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