Cape of Drama

Many a Skyfarer chooses a large cape as part of their outfit, to come across as intimidating while also being able to make it dramatically flutter as one turns around and walks away. This style dates back all the way to Smokes Cloudkicker, who according to stories often wore a darkgray cape.   A large cape being perfect to hide weapons, and to slip loose from when escaping, clearly contributes to the popularity. Yet for many the main appeal lies in their flair for the dramatic, though their showing off tends to invoke eyerolls instead. With some crews, there's betting pools on when new members will try to get a cape of their own.
The original cape, according to stories and covertly confirmed by some records of the Gray Sails, was more than just a cape though. It was laced with Cloudstone, and had a frame hidden inside it that could turn the entire thing into a hang glider. The stores say that Cloudkicker frequently used the cape to escape from pursuers.   While the precise nature of the cap is uncertain, the Gray Sail records note the assumption that every thread in it was laced with Cloudstone, and the heavier parts all contained small bits of Cloudstone sewn into the lining.   Furthermore, the frame supposedly also contained crushed Cloudstone, using techniques lost to time. Similar techniques were used in constructing The Sky Chains, providing support for the assumption.
According to the written-down oral history all the Cloudstone made the cape flutter extremely dramatically, hence the name. So great was its buoyant ability, that on windy days Cloudkicker had to strap it to their body, so it wouldn't fly off.   The buoyant ability of the cape also allowed Cloudkicker to fly for extreme long ends with it, even when weighed down by stolen goods. Their Thread Walker ability allowed them to chase the updrafts, keeping afloat for hours if needed. Given how there have been times where Cloudkicker had to escape entire armadas, such long flights likely happened more than once.   The cape was lost to history long ago, and it is unclear whether Cloudkicker took it with them on their final voyage, or hid it. Some members of the Gray Sails suspect that a certain skyfarer owns it, or knows of its location, due to having deciphered the notes Cloudkicker had left behind in the Sky Chains.
Cape, Hang Glider
Flight Distance
Theoretically infinite
First Owner
Smokes Cloudkicker


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