The Battle of The Thousand Suns

"Our ancestors were braver than I imagined if ancient war was often waged in a manner even half so terrible as this."
The Battle of the Thousand Suns is a battle that took place at the close of the Freehold's Rebellion. The battle is famous for being the last confirmed battle to be significantly impacted by the presence of battle mages on both sides of the conflict, though the result of the battle itself is considered to be of minimal consequence to the overall course of the war.

Historical Significance


The battle has been dramatized and romanticized in the centuries following its completion with historian Aefur Balsu famously calling it "The imagination of generations forcing itself into history" and other academics holding similar views as to how much is truly known about the battle. Nonetheless, it remains a popular subject of fascination with historians, mages, and the public at large.
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Freehold's Victory, Destruction of the Royal Mage Corps.