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The Kaite is the official currency of the Republic of Cholate and is widely accepted as a universal currency abroad due to the trade connections of the republic's merchants and the coins' silver and gold content. The coin itself is designed to be broken up into ten smaller pieces to make denominating easier and allow for more flexible purchasing, though this has the noteworthy drawback that the coins may chip unintentionally and that they cannot be recombined by hand. A full Kaite is said to be worth a day's wages for a farmer or dock hand, though their value can fluctuate significantly depending on the rarity of the metals used in the region, this is a fairly useful metric for judging the coin's value within the cities of the Republic itself with it being worth the same if not slightly more abroad due to the relatively common nature of gold and silver within Republic borders.    The currency is often compared to the Demian Glarune due to its comparable status as a universal currency and the rivalry of the two currencies' respective host nations. The Kaite is more valuable in this respect as it contains gold in addition to silver, but its lead in value over the glarune has waned over the past few decades as Demian trade connections have grown at a faster rate than those of the Republic. There was a time when both nations outlawed the use of the other's currencies within their borders, but this policy has been abandoned for nearly a century as both nations found it untenable.
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Gold, Silver, Zinc, and Nickel.


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