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Homeport is an independent city-state off the coast of Scale Coast. This city is known for its vibrant markets provided by its ports, and its diverse educational opportunities exemplified by Kai-Draco.   Homeport is ruled by a board of City Counselors they are elected by their district for ten-year terms and then the board well elects a chairperson to set the council priorities.   Homeport was founded as Sanctuary City during the fall of the Draconic Imperium . As trade increased the name more of the merchants considered the city as their home so it was callously called Homeport. Advetualy the name was made permanent by the city council.   The home port military is divided into the Navy, Engineers, and the Homeport Marine . Each branch has its own mages and spies. The City Council often uses the homeport military for mercenaries and civil contracts to other nations.   Homeport sees ships from all over the world and brings high-quality goods to countless markets in the Port District. The largest market is the Fleet Street Bazaar where ship captions will try to make quick sails of cargo.   The educational center is in the Tower District. There are hundreds of educational institutions with Kai-Draco being the political of the landscape.   Garden District is the finachal center of homeport. The Cafes in the district are filled with bankers and guild officials brokering deals and arranging deals.   Kept in the shadows of homeport is the The Shoals. This is where too poor of homeport live. This district is an unofficial district and does not see the same services and does not have a city councilor. Where the city fails the shoals the Temple to Gael the Magpie¬†fills in the gaps with schools and trash pickup.


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