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Eloise Vane

Eloise is the heart of the scenario. For the three days of the full moon she transforms into a ghoul, due to her tainted bloodline. When the “curse” struck following her 21st birthday (approximately three months ago) she ran amok, attacking and murdering the unfortunate villagers she came upon over the consecutive nights of the full moon. On the morning of the fourth day, Lord Arthur and Lawrence Vane found her in the process of transforming from ghoul to human form. The Curse of the Vanes was true! Since then, a routine concerning Eloise has evolved. On the afternoon of the full moon, she is drugged and then transported by her father and brother to a cell in the castle’s dungeon. The servants are restricted to their rooms at these times; when Eloise begins to bay, they are happy to stay there. The transformation began during the nights of the full moon, with Eloise returning to human form by daybreak; however, with each month following, the period of transformation has begun to lengthen. By the time the investigators arrive, Eloise is a ghoul for the majority of the three days and nights of the full moon. The timing is intentionally fluid to allow the Keeper the choice to have Eloise appear in human form for an interval. Certainly, for the scenario’s climax, Eloise is in ghoul form when she escapes. If captured by the investigators, she returns to humanity to press home the dilemma they now face: to kill her, leave her locked up, or let her go. In human form, Eloise is a pretty young woman, with a look of innocence in her eyes. She has no memory of her transformations. In time, she will change permanently into a ghoul.  


Pretty, blonde hair and blue eyes, slim and tall.  


Confused; she knows something is wrong but is yet to guess what is the cause.
Current Status
Aligned Organization


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