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It has been a thousand years since the Tri-War ended, a series of conflicts fought by titans, spreading across the many plans of the universe. From it, the entire eastern continent of Sa Kharid was wiped out, 80% of the populace lost. The region became arid, a desert forming in the east, and a more clay based badlands to the west. However, a large oasis soon formed on the southern tip of the continent, and that is where the majority of the continent's current life forms live to this day. The capital of Bethlehem is a welcoming sight, compared to the rolling hills of sand in the north.   On the western portion of Masendria lies the continent of Dourend, a vibrant continent when compared to that of Sa Kharid. To the west is the Ysterni kingdom, a human royal family that has ruled the region for two-hundred years. Under the Ysterni family, strict laws are upheld, being strict with what can and cannot be worshiped within the empire's domain. The central city of Desrosa is boasted as the sprawling capital of the ever-growing empire. Desrosa sits upon the Anteef River, a large growth of farmland is spread within it's northern border. To the north, and part of the Ysterni Empire, lies Salindor, the largest settlement within the harsh tundra of Boaren. Salindor College lies within the parent city, acting as a hub for magical learning and exploration; a one stop place for all of those that are magically inclined to learn and hone their skills. Bordering the lands of Yster and Boaren lie the Drummeck mountains, and the intersecting for of Salin Pass. On the eastern portion of Dourend lie flat plains, known as Antaru. Antaru maintains only a single river, that of the Knatu. There is a heavy military presence around the lands bordering the eastern frontier, the Ysterni Empire wishing to press their influence further, and conquer the wild lands. Beast-folk of all sorts of backgrounds make the region their home, allowing multiple different walks of life a reason to live. The city of Dagorna is seen as the capital and central hub of the wild lands.   To the south-west of Dourend and past the whispering woods, lies the Velestra Swamp. The once dominant elven empire was given two options when their land was taken by the empire; assimilation or death. Those that chose the latter fled into the harsh lands of the Velestra Swamp, learning to tame and manipulate the treacherous region and turning it into the central home for the elves that refused to bend the knee.

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